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7 Self-Care Tips For The Expecting Mom

This phase is a curious mix of excitement and anxiety, of power and powerlessness -- all bundled into our bodies. No wonder, science says that motherhood brings physical changes in your brain too.
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Motherhood changes everything. In fact, everything changes even before you become a mom.

Ask me! When I was expecting my first baby (which I happened to discover while on a business trip to China, eventually cutting my trip short) -- nobody could stop me from checking into a complete guide made by or something similar -- at least 3 times a day to assure myself that I was on the "right track." And yes, this was way before I even started "showing."

This phase is a curious mix of excitement and anxiety, of power and powerlessness -- all bundled into our bodies. No wonder, science says that motherhood brings physical changes in your brain too.

This phase is one of the best. It's the time we need to pay attention to ourselves because this may be the time our bodies give us the loudest signals.

Some ancient Hindu scriptures say that external stimulus can shape the brain and the personality of the child. Science seems to confirm it when scientists like Annie Murphy Paul recently spoke about her findings in a TED Talk.

In the face of such findings, it becomes imperative that the mother makes a very keen attempt at keeping her own well-being a top priority throughout the special months.

Here are 7 self-care tips for every expectant mom who wants to do her best -- for herself and the little munchkin.

Get help

Carrying a growing human inside you is hard work. Don't assume everybody knows what you are going through. Women easily fall into the trap of expecting people to read their minds. Ask for help, even if it is your partner. Chalk out a schedule for the chores, if needed.

Get your sleep

Yes. We know. This area is only about to get worse after the new arrival. But hey, this phase has its problems too. The persistent backache, the never-ending trips to the loo and of course the inability to be comfortable enough to drift away to sleep; no matter what position you might be in.

Try small changes like sleeping an hour earlier every day, napping in the afternoons or getting help so you can sleep in during the mornings.

Stay hydrated

Believe it or not, getting enough water can save us a lot of grief. Experts say that not getting enough water can make you tired and irritable and being tired and grumpy is definitely what you have had enough of, at this point (Those hormones!). Set up little reminders on your phone or triggers around the house or workplace to get your water on time.

Show yourself some love

Little things can go a long way to help you keep your happy up. Treat yourself to that small slab of chocolate, shop for a lovely dress or get pampered in a spa with some aromatherapy.

Eat healthy

The gestation period can feel like an eternal fatigue zone. With your body adjusting to the rapid changes and preparing for even greater changes, making every meal as nutritious as possible is literally the shortcut back to health. Also, don't forget to take your multivitamins for the extra boost.
Okay -- nobody's saying no to the ice cream and chocolate!

Get some exercise

Long hours in the gym might look like another life. However, there are several types of yoga and meditation programs that help you keep your energy and optimism up.

Build your own support group

Mommyland can be a lonely zone. Look for opportunities to get out and connect with other expecting parents. It'll give you the much-needed room for, along with presenting you(and your fresh bundle) with possibilities of making friends for life. These people could be the ones you would invite for a drink when you are 60!

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