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7 Shifts That Make Life Easier

We often look far and wide for the things that bring us less stress, more balance, and make life easier. When we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted or unhappy, we can tune in and activate any of these pulses to realign with our higher selves.
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USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Business woman relaxing in office
USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Business woman relaxing in office

We often look far and wide for the things that bring us less stress, more balance, and make life easier. Yet the wisdom and the answers to everything we need, as always, already exists inside every one of us. When we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, depressed, exhausted or unhappy, we can tune in and activate any of these pulses to realign with our higher selves.

1. Drink water.
Water is life, which is why we begin here. H2O is one of your most versatile assets in life. It hydrates you, it cleanses, you can travel on it, it moves things. If you're stuck in a thought or mood, gently drink pure spring or distilled water and feel the instant uplift as it sends a life charge through you. Make an effort to drink more water throughout the day. Not only will this help keep your body clear and functioning at a high level, your mind and spirit will benefit too. It might take some time for your body to adjust to the bathroom breaks and feeling more thirsty (oddly), but just keep drinking and allow water to help everything flow through you. Take a sip now if you can, before we start diving deeper.

2. Make checking in with yourself a habit.
Try this exercise: Close your eyes, breathe. Inhale all the way down deep into the bottom of your belly, expanding the full bowl of your tummy the way sleeping babies do. On this inhale visualize your breath hitting your toes, your fingertips, and the crown of your head. Then exhale... fully. Let go and then push out some more air. Be still in the rests between breaths. Find the euphoria in this and sit in it for a bit. Repeat to take at least three of these full body breaths. This simple exercise is how you can re-center yourself in any moment, to bring the energy back to your own source of power. Try doing this deep breathing throughout your day. You will start to notice your actions, decisions, responses and quality of life will become more bliss-filled. Full, vast, and rich breaths create the same life patterns. It all starts within. Go further to check in and ask yourself: How am I feeling? How's my breathing? How's my posture? Where is my mind? Is my heart rate up (or down) for any reason? Smile, encourage yourself along, express gratitude, and be friendly and gentle to everyone including yourself. By setting and practicing these new habits they will soon become without thought, and you'll start to operate in a far more cool, controlled manner.

3. Remind yourself that it doesn't have to be difficult.
We are prisoners of our own self-limiting beliefs, and of what we remind ourselves each day. "The struggle" is deeply embedded into most of us, thanks to thousands of years of living in hierarchies, imbalanced social systems and survival of the fittest/fastest. We grow up thinking life is hard, bound by our conditions or experiences. Create the space for the idea that life - especially life within the human community - can and should be easy going, gentle, nourishing, loving, playful and enriching. Life wants to be kind and sweet and giving to you - allow it. If you find this has not been your experience in the past, let that go, and be open to a new way of thinking and living. When you move yourself through life, move yourself towards the people and experiences that feel good and away from what doesn't. If that sounds difficult, ask yourself what you are resisting, and be brave enough to explore the roots of these layers. This is how you get into alignment. Move towards what feels good. Look into what you are afraid of, and nurture and release it. Don't fight the flow. Trust the reason that why things happen is in support of your best, most life-ward purpose. The changes in attitude and actions that occur when you tune up your frequency into the good, loving, supporting rhythms of life will help elevate your entire existence.

4. Think in abundance, not scarcity.
Speaking of being trapped by our own beliefs, one of the greatest issues that complicates our modern lives is our relationship with and beliefs around capital and resources. Originally created as a tool for exchange, we have let this concept come to divide us in unfathomable ways. It has become as problematic as it is useful, and effects everyone differently. Our relationship with money steers its law of attraction, which determines how it comes into our lives. To be in the flow of receiving, we must get grounded in the natural way of living, which is abundance. We must come to expect this, as we do the sun to rise. The Earth, our greatest provider (mother) is incredibly abundant and powerful in the resources, food and shelter it effortlessly shares. Abundance is the way of life, however we warped this law of nature by allowing resources to be made private in a quest for profit. Earth abundance such as water, energy and natural medicines are privately packaged to be publicly sold. While it's inevitable that we are shifting from this profit trapped madness, there are certain things we can do to hold strong a belief and attitude of abundance until it becomes the new norm. Getting out of scarcity mode and doing internal money work and establishing a healthy, thriving relationship with the resources is one of the most important things we can offer ourselves in this world. I highly recommend starting with philanthropist Lynne Twist's book The Soul of Money, where she dives deeper into our attitudes towards capital. The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit she co-founded, also does great work in the area of unlearning negative social conditioning. The work of Kate Northrup may also be helpful.

5. Declutter.
It is said that the exterior quality of life is a reflection of the interior quality of life, so chances are if the world around you feels scattered and cluttered, it's because of how you're feeling inside. One of the best actions we can do here is to clean and move things around, get the energy flowing. Give yourself the gift of moving on from things by giving them away without attachment, giving from a place of abundance and gratitude. Feel that incredible freedom. Catch and release bad habits, like thinking negatively (mental clutter) or allowing clutter to pile up in and around you. Physically and mentally remove what is no longer serving your highest interest. If you are feeling like clutter is fogging or overwhelming your general life and direction, here is an exercise to help you organize your thoughts. Draw a line down and across the center of a blank sheet of paper, so that the page becomes four parts that look like a giant +. In the first quadrant write Me, in the second write Love (family, friends, loved ones), in the third write Work, and in the fourth write Dreams (goals, aspirations, bucket list). List the things you need to accomplish and when to serve each section. Forget about everything else. Then feel the glory of crossing things off this list as you go about taking action.

6. Take action.
Much like the concept of moving clutter to move energy, stagnant thoughts and unlived desires build up and manifest into depression and fatigue. Courageously move towards things that call you, when they call you. Be flexible and playful in your action, see hurdles and challenges as fun problem solving and agility testing. See how you can move yourself through life's levels and fieldwork. Become excited the more you accomplish. Celebrate your action. No matter how big or small your steps forward are, keep it moving. Most importantly, when you do take action, let it be heart-filled with great passion, power and purpose. If you haven't discovered what makes you feel fully empowered and happy, take action towards that discovery. Explore, learn and do things that make you laugh, that take your breath away, that open your mind and world up. Move through what you know and what's comfortable with wonder and appreciation.

7. Know that You Always Know.
Dream coach Jennifer Grace calls this your "inner YAK". At the end of the day, rest in the idea that you always know. Sometimes you might not want to know and block or fight it, but the answers do always exist within you, beyond the fear, emotions and insecurities, in the silence between your thoughts. Envision your gentle 90 year old self lovingly looking at whatever problem or decision you are facing now. What would be their wisdom? You have everything you need inside and around you, just ask yourself calmly and be open to the answers. Truly knowing and owning this will help you live with more ease, grace, confidence and action.