7 Simple Steps to Conquer Overwhelm

Let me suggest seven overwhelm elimination strategies for breaking free. Seeing things in a new perspective is key to staying focused under stress, and don't forget the old adage about taking one bite of the elephant at a time.
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The holidays can be such an exciting and joyous time of year. However, for many of us it can also be a very stressful time. If you are like me, your calendar and your 'to do' list is beginning to fill up at a rapid pace. It is easy to feel like there's too much to do and not enough time to do it.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Just about everyone on the planet right now feels overwhelmed in one way or the other.

But, it's important to know the truth about overwhelm: It has almost nothing to do with getting things done -- it has everything to do with your energy and mindset. If your life is cluttered, so is your mind. When your life is cluttered, it's challenging to stay focused on the present when looking into the uncertain future of tomorrow, or the weeks ahead.

So, let me suggest seven overwhelm elimination strategies for breaking free. Seeing things in a new perspective is key to staying focused under stress, and don't forget the old adage about taking one bite of the elephant at a time. If you multi-task, that's great, but what's really great is finishing what you start. It's the ultimate reward and goal. Marking things off the list is a powerful antidote to stress.

So, let's take a look at some strategies that I've found to be very helpful:

Strategy No. 1: Focus on the Big Picture
We most often get overwhelmed because we are focused on everything that's happening around us. We lose sight of the big picture. Haven't we ALWAYS been OK in the bigger picture, the grand scheme of things? Yes. We have. So zoom out for a moment and take a deep breath. In the end, this is going to be OK. As it most always is.

Strategy No. 2: Change Your Environment
You're probably not aware of how many things in your current environment trigger you to feel overwhelmed. The stack of papers or bills piled up on your desk or that camera reminding you of the videos that need downloading. Clean off your desk and put in its place. Preferably another place out of sight. If your kids have left gadgets laying around, ask them to put them where they belong. If the weather is nice, take your laptop outside and enjoy the day while you work. That change of scenery will inspire creativity.

Strategy No. 3: Acknowledge It and Let It Go
Most people are so busy trying to get away from overwhelm they don't realize it's become a regular part their routine and even a part of who they are. And, I can tell you that trying to run away from yourself never works. Instead, stop for a minute, close your eyes, and just acknowledge that you feel overwhelmed. All energies inside of us (good and bad) are calling for our attention. Recognize it and then just simply let it go, knowing that it is not serving you at this time. Shift your thoughts to something positive, such as how much fun it will be to spend some quality time with your family.

Strategy No. 4: Learn Something New
If you're always overwhelmed, it probably means you're operating from a less than ideal state of knowledge or consciousness. Be sure to carve out some time to learn from others who are steps ahead. It could be a book, audio program, or online video training. This new information will give you a better perspective about how to best respond to your life and business.

Strategy No. 5: Exercise
Exercise might helps to reduce stress and give you more energy. Take some time each day to get out in the fresh air and go for a walk or run. You can also partake in a Mind/Body workout such as pilates or yoga to really stretch and strengthen your muscles, release tension and boost your energy. It may sound like one more thing to do, but the benefits are astounding. Physical movement such as a brisk walk, will clear the mind, and along with deep breathing, you'll feel refreshed and re-energized.

Strategy No. 6: Quiet Your Mind and Do Some Inner work
What's required from you to really shift this energy is to spend some time doing your deeper inner work; Letting go of your old wounds, forgiving those who have hurt you, healing from your past traumas. Get connected to something greater than yourself. Find your way of being in the world that is authentic to you.

A powerful exercise that works is to close your eyes and focus on all the things that you are grateful for such as; your life, your family, your friends, your health, your career etc. This is a powerful way to put you in a peaceful state, quieting your mind. Then, visualize your day and set your intentions on how you'd like your day to go.

Overwhelm Elimination Strategy No. 7: Call Your Coach or Mentor
There is a proverb that says "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." And, it's true. A coach or mentor will help get you laser focused. If you don't have someone or a group of people who are holding you to your highest potential, providing support and guidance and keeping you focused, I guarantee this is one of the reasons you're struggling. Get aligned with a coach or mentor immediately. There's a reason why EVERY successful athlete or business owner in the world has one.

I encourage you to use these seven strategies this holiday season to ensure that overwhelm doesn't take hold of you and rob you of experiencing all of the joy and wonderful blessings this time of year has to offer.

And, if you have a minute, please tell me how you deal with overwhelm. What are your strategies? Feel free to leave a comment below with the things you do to deal with your own overwhelm.

I'd love to hear what works for you!

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