7 Spiritual Practices that Boost Confidence

Did you know that most women are not as successful as they could be? It all comes down to lack of confidence. Over and over, studies show that many women struggle with confidence and self-esteem. Learn my spiritual strategies for developing greater confidence in yourself and get ready to see transformation in your life.

Where Does Confidence Come From?

It might seem unorthodox to incorporate spirituality into your business, but the truth is that your authentic self is Spirit. It’s only natural that when you tap into your true self and the Holy Spirit, you feel more connected to your purpose, passion and confidence.

Confidence comes from having a relationship with God, and it comes from within. For the most part I’m a pretty confident woman, but that wasn’t always the case. Building my confidence, self-esteem and sense of worth was a process. It wasn’t until I came to know the truth of who I am in God that my confidence stabilized.

Like many women, my confidence fluctuates, even today. Some days I feel like I can do anything and other days I’m just wiped. Confidence can come in waves, but you can learn to skillfully ride those waves through daily spiritual practices.

Spiritual Practices that Support Confidence Building

I’ve listed seven spiritual practices that have helped me become a more confident and capable woman. Not only do I want you to feel confident in your talents and abilities--most importantly, God wants to see you grow in your confidence, self-worth and relationship with Him. Try any (or all!) of the techniques below and be lifted by the Spirit.

1.) Meditation helps you tap into the divine by listening to your spirit so you can hear truth and increase your creativity.

2.) Visualization allows you to tap into your future self. Imagine who you want to be in your mind’s eye so that you can start feeling like, living like and being the confident woman inside.

3.) Prayer allows you to ask God for the support you need to step into your confidence.

4.) Memorizing Scripture or quotes helps anchor you when you feel like you can’t go on or need some inspiration.

5.) Affirmations & Confessions remind you of who you are and what you’re capable of manifesting.

6.) Ecstatic Dance helps you connect to the Holy Spirit through an awareness of your body, and releases any stagnant or negative energy.

7.) Spiritual Direction allows you to be guided by a spiritual mentor to find your soul’s path in this life.

I can’t wait to hear which spiritual practices resonated with you most! Join me on my Facebook page geared toward empowering women to own their purpose, power and presence so they can attract their ideal clients.

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