7 Stages of Grief Presents: Republican Primaries

Man upset
Man upset

This election season can be summarized by the seven stages of grief:
- Shock or Disbelief
- Denial
- Anger
- Bargaining
- Guilt
- Depression
- Acceptance and Hope

As we learned of the ever growing list of Republican candidates, we were in disbelief. When Mr. Trump first announced he was running for president, the public was shocked and slightly amused. Shocked that someone of his experience level in politics would nominate himself to be the leader of the free world and amused that he so feverishly believed he was actually right for the job.

Throughout the comical speeches and debates, we slid into denial. We refused to believe that someone of the likes of Mr. Trump or Senator Cruz would ever make it this far. The denial eventually led to anger as we tried to reconcile how we could allow ourselves to be in this embarrassing situation. The childish arguments and insults hurled between the Republican candidates seemed entertaining at first but it quickly became annoying considering its un-presidential nature.

As the anger bubbled, we tried to bargain with the alternative. Some people even tried to excuse the buffoonery by claiming that Mr. Trump's rudeness was a breath of fresh air and that we needed someone to speak his mind without fear or filter or common decency. In the process, we forgot that the presidency is a serious job and that we cannot afford someone as temperamental and closed minded as some of the candidates running in the Republican Party.

But now the proverbial you know what has hit the fan and the guilt is starting to set in. We are realizing this is not funny anymore. Frankly, it stopped being funny a long time ago but we were too shocked, embarrassed and in denial to face the reality. At this point, I think we are all suffering from PTSD: Post Trump Stress Disorder. The depression is seeping in at the thought that Trump could be the Republican candidate this November. I cannot picture him sitting down with world leaders and doing politics. A major part of the presidency is not only sound decision making but also diplomacy and tact. Picturing him with Putin, Merkel and Cameron makes me cringe. The mere thought of it is stressing me out.

So now we must prepare for the seventh stage: acceptance and hope. We must accept that this might be happening. He has won three of the primaries so far and does not seem to be losing momentum. But we must also hope that the American voters will make the responsible choice.

We are living in dangerous times in which people are being murdered for their religion, color of skin and sexuality. A time in which violence is excused and ignorance is tolerated. We need a leader who will not add fuel to the hateful fire. A leader who will not be swayed by vitriolic party lines and will actually do his/her job serving the American people, not the lucky few.

The Republican Party needs their golden candidate but we must accept they're not going to find him in this current pool. Some people are getting so desperate to elect a Republican into the White House that they have dropped their standards embarrassingly low. However, as the Republicans continue to mourn their loss and deal with the grief of this election season, my humble advice is to hold out for four more years. Just fold your cards and support Secretary Clinton. She's not perfect and frankly no politician is but she is the most qualified for the burdensome job that is the U.S. presidency. Placed in a room with Putin, my money is on her. In four years, the Republicans will get their golden candidate and Paul Ryan will swoop in to woo all of them, even some Democrats. In four years, not only will he personally be ready to commit for the endeavor but he will also have had enough experience as Speaker of the House for the public to accept him as a credible presidential candidate.

Our other option is to hope that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was secretly born on some U.S. military base in Canada and we can write him in on the ballot to save us all. Because the alternative is terrifying and will drag our world one step closer to becoming a young adult dystopian trilogy.