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7 Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Closet This Season

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My rule of thumb when I buy something (usually from Target or J.Crew) is that I have to see myself wearing it four different ways. I prefer to have a few great items I wear a lot, rather than a lot of things I hardly ever wear. If you follow me on Instagram you know this is the case! I can take one piece and find a hundred different ways to style it. Here are just a few examples:

Colored Pants
If you're like me and have hesitated to attempt the colored pant for far too long it's time to give it a whirl. Try one of my four ways to wear them and I promise you'll be hooked.
Black Booties
I love boots and no matter the season you can guarantee you'll see me rocking them! That's why I have to get creative when it comes to styling my favorite black pair.
Red Lipstick
If you find a lipstick you love don't be afraid to play around with ways to wear it. Try subtly applying it for work and then loading on the layers for a more dramatic effect at night!
White Jeans
White Jeans can be a tricky purchase since apparently there are only several months in the year you're allowed to wear them. Find a few great tops and your favorite shoes to pair them with and it'll make them more than worth the purchase!
Army Jacket
This is by far my favorite jacket I own, but since it is a print I have to find ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Good thing I'm not scared of mixing patterns, and neither should you!
White Blouse
Every women should own a white blouse. Ladies, this is a staple piece! You will find a million and one ways to wear it, I promise.
Blue Dress
A bold dress is a fun purchase! Get creative and add accessories to make it a bold look or throw on some flats for a casual ensemble.

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