7 Steps to forging your own path

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There's no right or wrong way to create the life you want, but there is your way!

The challenge is that it requires you to pause and listen to your own intuition and soul guidance - and what that looks like is different for everyone.

I used to follow someone else's path, systems and way of doing things and wondered why nothing was changing in my life and business. And maybe that's you too.

Every move you make or change you embrace comes with a feeling and that feeling lets you know if you're on track for yourself.

And if you are wondering how you will know, there are a few things you can do to forge your own path.

1. Write out your vision

This is such an important step because until you have the clarity of what you want your life to feel and be like, you don't actually know what you want to create in this life.

Take the time to write out what your year will feel like, what you will have accomplished. I call this reverse engineering because you are looking back in a futuristic kind of way. But when you tune into your inner guidance of what you want to reflect upon, you can set goals that are aligned with your vision.

2. Create goals that support your vision

Once you have written your vision, it's time to read it again and make a list of the be, do and have goals that jump out at you. Those are the goals for you.

You'll want to ask yourself who you will be based on your vision, what you will do and what you will have. This can be material and non-material goals.

3. Stop listening to other people

This may go without saying, but it's important to mention. When you listen to other people and follow their plans and systems, you are not walking your path.

It's important that when you create your vision and make it a reality that you tune out the noise. This doesn't mean don't learn and gain more information but you recognize how you feel, which leads me to my next point.

4. Take pause and check to see how it feels

If your vision and your goals are not a heck yeah, then you may need to start over. You want to feel excited and giddy when looking at your vision and goals. If you are not feeling excited about what you will create along with your path, it will not be in alignment with your vision.

5. Every day feels on purpose

When you know exactly what you are creating and have defined your be, do and have goals, you will stop wondering what you do every day.

And when you know what you are doing every day, everything will feel like on purpose. Especially if your vision is creating an impact in this world because you will know why you are taking action.

6. Your actions support your goals

Your vision creates focus and when you have the focus to know what you will do. You no longer wonder how things will happen and get done because you are creating from a place of flow that feels good.

And when you feel good, actions become easier to manage. That isn't to say there won't be fear but you can challenge your ego, read your vision, again and again, to remind yourself of your path.

7. Always choose joy

When you choose joy as your underlying feeling, then it will spread to your world like fire. People will notice a change in you and your clients will come to you because they want what you have.

When your vision, your goals, and your actions feel good and are fueled by joy, it leaves very little room for the ego to sabotage you.

The truth is forging your own path isn't easy because there will always be someone who is going to tell you it isn't possible or that is not how things are done. And it will be up to you to decide who you listen too: Other people or your intuition and inner guidance.

And whenever you’re ready, it’s ready for you!

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