7 Steps To Get Targeted Leads From LinkedIn for Small Businesses

According to Digital Marketing Stats, as of November 2014, there were 107 million LinkedIn users in the U.S. alone, and approximately 40 percent of those users check LinkedIn on a daily basis. Since the LinkedIn universe is so vast, as a business owner, you would be wise to utilize this social tool as a way to produce targeted leads. The seven tips listed below will reveal how you can use LinkedIn do just that:

Link to Your Business' Site And Add Contact Info:
The first step to generating leads using LinkedIn involves adding a link to your business' site. You can add up to three links to your profile, so take advantage of this and hyperlink your business's website. In addition, make sure your contact information is displayed predominately on your profile. After all, if a potential client desires your product or service, you most certainly want them to have all your contact information.

Post Regularly, Especially in the Morning:
It is important to regularly post updates on your LinkedIn profile. Although posting at anytime during the day can be worthwhile, Lana Khavinson, the senior product marketing manager at LinkedIn, said that morning posts get the best engagement.

Send Personalized Messages:
LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail campaign is like email, but even better. This is a service offered by LinkedIn that is worthwhile, although not free. The Inmail tool allows you to target specific people in various organizations. After you construct a message to send out, the recipient is informed they have a message in their inbox. Therefore, there is no way that someone will miss your important message.

Differentiate Your Profile:
Be creative. To separate your LinkedIn profile from millions of others, you must make it stand out. You can accomplish this by adding photos or videos that will automatically play when users land on your profile.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask:
Be sure to include a clear call to action. Explain what your business is about and how your product or service can make life easier for potential clients. Be sure to include this call to action predominately on your profile.

Utilize Groups:
Participation in groups is an oft-overlooked element to utilize on LinkedIn. However, statistics show that groups multiply your reach, increase your opportunity for new leads and improve your overall targeting success. Therefore, it is wise to join as many active groups as possible.

Contribute to Popular Ongoing Discussions:
Participate in LinkedIn discussions to broaden your reach. To achieve the most success, identify a discussion that is already popular and jump on board by commenting about this topic. To find out what the popular discussions are at any given time, go to your groups, and then scroll down to look for the discussions with the most comments and likes. This will indicate a popular, thriving topic.

Marketing has changed vastly thanks to social media and various other technological advances. No longer do you as a business owner have to be limited by your physical location or your marketing budget. Today, thanks to tools like LinkedIn, you can garner your own leads and successfully grow your business.