7 Summer Activities To Keep You Busy Outdoors

Soak up the sun while having fun!

Warm weather, blue skies and sunshine ― what better way to spend the summer than to embrace the outdoors?

To spark your interest in getting active outside, we’ve put together a list of seven health-conscious activities to get your blood pumping! From kayaking to swimming and activities in between, we’re sure one of these will have you out and enjoying the weather in no time!

Take a walk on the beach
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Who says exercising can't feel good? Enjoy the breeze of the ocean with a nice relaxing walk on the sand. Research shows that bodies of water like seas, lakes and rivers have a calming effect on people, and that if you can see water from your home, you’re less likely to report psychological stress.
Go on a hike
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Take in the beauty of the world around you with a breathtaking hike on a cool summer day. Walking in nature can change your brain for the better; studies show that taking a walk in a green area makes you happier and more attentive.
Go kayaking
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Paddle your way through the summer with a fun water activity like kayaking. While paddling is obviously a good workout for your arms, shoulders and upper back, experts also note that your legs and lower torso are the main muscle groups that power a kayak ride -- making it a full body workout.
Play a game of tennis
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A family that plays together, stays together! Hit the tennis court with the kids for a fun and sporty way to get active this summer. The benefits of physical activity are the same for children as they are for adults: less stress, a positive body image, stronger bones and muscles, and better sleep at night.
Ride a bike
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Ditch your car and ride on two wheels! You can exercise while embracing nature and the beautiful outdoors. Biking has both mental and physical health benefits. The low-impact exercise is also easier on the feet, knees and other joints than running.
Go swimming
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Take a dive and cool off with a swim, which is a great way to stay fit and active this summer. Swimming is an efficient way to get both cardio and strength training in, making it the perfect physical activity for people who feel strapped for time.
Play volleyball
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Hit the beach with some friends and play a fun game of volleyball to get your blood pumping. Like other kinds of physical activity, beach volleyball tones and strengthens your body.

But studies suggest that team sports may have an advantage over individual exercise: they may have the same levels of physical fitness, women who play in team sports report higher happiness and life satisfaction levels than those who walk or go to the gym alone.

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