7 Summer Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Mile-long beaches. World-class sightseeing. Ice cream every night. Summer vacations are unmatched. But actually getting there is another story. While some things will always be a hassle (renewing your passport, blerg), there often is a better way. Here, seven essential travel hacks that’ll help you get to where you’re going. Fingers crossed that place is called “relaxation.”

First things first: make a to do list. Here's a trick.

Master car rental insurance. Here's a trick.

Take advantage of AirBnB for parking. Here's a trick.

Speaking of AirBnB, book smarter. Here's a trick.

Breeze through security with global entry. Here's a trick.

Travel often? Utilize an on-demand wardrobe. Here's a trick.

Discover the key to endless battery life. Here's a trick.


Traveling Essentials