7 Sunday-Night Tasks That Will Jumpstart Your Week

Putting off end-of-the-week tasks for the following Monday morning can leave you feeling frazzled. Instead of scrambling to catch up, take these simple steps on Sunday evening to start your week on the right foot.


A. Draft Emails

Monday mornings can be a race to get in front of colleagues and customers. As clogged as our inboxes have become, I draft emails on Sunday night to send to my clients first thing Monday morning. Not only do I get ahead of my day, but my outreach is already in their inbox at the top of the heap. -Michael Peggs, Marccx Media

A. Look Over Incoming Clients

2016-08-31-1472656078-2769104-AjmalSaleem.pngUsually by Sunday evening, I am ready to look over my incoming clients for the upcoming week and come up with a game plan. Then, I take the time to delegate tasks to each staff member. This makes Monday far less stressful for myself and my team. - Ajmal Saleem, Suprex Learning

A. Connect With Nature

2016-08-31-1472656110-2437851-LindsayPomeroy.pngOn Sundays, I go to the ocean, connect with nature, and free myself from any and all concerns. This helps clear my mind and reenergize my soul so that I can get to work the next day. Monday morning is when I create my list of goals and to-do list for the week and prioritize them according to the ones that are the most urgent or time-sensitive. - Lindsay Pomeroy, The Wine Smarties

A. Write a Weekly "Hustle List"

My weeks starts on Sunday night when I write my weekly "hustle list." This is a list I have come up with that breaks my weekly to-do list into projects, timelines and outcomes. Writing it by hand engrains it in my head and makes me crave the act of crossing it out. Inside my notebook, you'll see my color-coordinated, weekly hustle list with notes and dates to reference. - Steven Picanza, Latin & Code

A. Meditate

2016-08-31-1472656176-4510766-SesieBonsi.pngOn Sunday, I like to exercise or meditate. I remove myself completely and stay away from my emails. This gives me the free time to focus on myself and prepare myself mentally for the next week. - Sesie Bonsi, Bleu

A. Take a Break From Electronic Devices

It's necessary for me to take the time to rest and reboot both myself and my electronics on Sunday night. That way, I can complete all the tasks I set out for in the coming week. I turn off my computer and phone, have a healthy meal, wind down, and go to bed early. This allows me to start the week fresh and energized, having given my mind, body and devices a break. - Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

A. Carve Out Space for the Week

2016-08-31-1472656329-3387204-ArryYu.pngSunday is all about making sure things have been tended to so that I have mental space for everything during the week, including spending time with my family, completing house chores, looking ahead at the calendar, and catching up on news and reading. Mondayis about maintaining all that and setting the tone for the week. - Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com

These answers are provided by members of FounderSociety, an invitation-only organization comprised of ambitious startup founders and business owners.