7 Surprising Reasons You Might Want To Consider Owning a Dog Today

7 Surprising Reasons You Might Want To Consider Owning a Dog Today
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To some people, bringing home a dog or any other pet is a lot of responsibilities which they would rather not have anything to do with. Raising a dog requires training, grooming, getting healthy dog treats and veterinary bills. All of this could appear to be a daunting experience. But this might just be what you need without you realizing it.

Those who love dogs are already aware of how dogs can make you happy especially when you have one. Most people see dogs as just companions for humans but the truth is that dogs can really give more than just companionship.

If you’ve thought of adopting a dog but not sure about this, here are some reasons that can help you make an informed decision.

#1. Exercise

Dogs – either small or large dog breeds, have a way of motivating their owners to exercise more. Skipping workout is usually easier for us, but looking at your dog’s eagerness to go on a run might be a good push for you. A thirty minutes daily run or walk with your dog is a great way to improve your health status.

#2. Security

Studies also reveal that barking dogs can deter burglars. Dogs generally can use their keen sense to get anyone prowling around your house. This knowledge can help you raise your sense of security, which is great for your mental state. Unlike guns where you need a licence or gun safes suitable for various purposes, you don’t need all that to own a dog – unless in extreme cases.. In general, dogs, especially when trained, could be more effective for home security system.

#3. Childhood responsibility and learning

Your dog can encourage your kids to learn. Children generally like dogs. Your children can learn some valuable lessons about life through the responsibilities that comes with feeding, caring and nurturing their dog. They would also learn to understand illness or loss. This is another great way to help your kids prepare emotionally and be able to cope with some vital life events.

#4. Minimize stress

Several studies have shown that dogs also help to reduce stress levels. Spending time with your dog ― such as petting and playing together ― can help you relax. Studies have shown that dogs reduces stress hormones in humans.

#5. Social life

Dogs can also help to improve your social life. It is easier for strangers to stop and talk to you when you are walking your dog. People will easily start a conversation with you by complimenting your dog at the park or during your evening walk.

#6. Dogs can make you a better person

Not only can spending time with your dog help you relax, you can as well learn things that will make you become a better person. Raising a dog requires commitment as it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Dog owners have to be selfless and committed. Generally, pets can sometimes test the patience of the most tolerant individual. Owing a dog can help you learn to be patient.

#7. Living the moment

Owning a pet or dog have a way to constantly reminding us of the need to live the moment. As humans, we have the habit of ruminating over our pasts, worrying over coming future or tomorrow, and thinking about what we could have done differently but dogs knows how to live in the present.

Dogs live in the moment and now. Their focus is majorly on whatever is right in front of them. Looking at your dog can help you relax, reduce stress and live the moment.

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