7 Surprising Things That Are Banned From Disney Parks (And 3 That Are Totally Fine)

Even the happiest place on earth has rules.
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Heading to the Magic Kingdom for the ultimate family vacation? Here are seven things not to pack (and three items that are surprisingly OK). Hey, even the happiest place on earth has rules.

1. Selfie sticks

Sorry, you’ll just have to snap that perfect selfie the old-fashioned way since “hand-held extension poles for cameras and mobile devices” are prohibited.

2. Wrapped gifts

Celebrating your kiddo’s birthday at one of Disney’s parks? Your best bet is to pack your gift unwrapped (and then wrap it once you’ve arrived) since employees must be able to inspect presents.

3. Folding chairs

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of standing in line for an hour to ride Thunder Mountain, you could just sit and wait? But unless it’s a mobility aid or cane-chair, folding chairs are on Disney’s restricted items list.

4. Drones

Remote-controlled objects (like drones) and toys (like radio-controlled cars) are not allowed inside Disney parks.

5. Pets

Sorry, Buster — no pets allowed. (Unless they’re service animals, of course.) Can’t imagine leaving your furry friend behind? Check out the on-site kennel where your pooch can spend the day.

6. Glass containers

If you’re planning on refilling your own water bottle, just make sure it’s made of steel or plastic since glass containers are banned from the parks due to the risk of breakage. (But small glass containers for baby food are fine.)

7. Balloons and straws

These plastic items are prohibited from the Animal Kingdom for the safety of the park’s animals.

Surprising items that are allowed in Disney’s Parks

1. Small coolers: As long as they’re smaller than 18″ wide, 25″ high and 37″ deep, then you should be good to go.

2. Tripods: Selfie sticks might be banned from Disney parks but small tripods (like the ones that can fold up and fit into a backpack) are totally fine.

3. Food: Here’s some good (and budget-friendly) news—bringing in your own food and drink (except alcohol) into Disney’s parks is definitely allowed.