9 Sustainable Sushi Selections (PHOTOS)

Americans have developed a healthy appetite for fish and sushi, but this appetite can come at a cost. Overfishing has put the future of many species at risk. Some fishing techniques, like dredging, damages the ocean floor habitat. Farming fish can cause massive pollution. Some retailers and restaurants are moving toward more sustainable sourcing practices, but you the consumer can encourage them by ordering responsibly.

It's hard enough trying to remember which fish species are on the brink of collapse, but when you throw in Japanese terms for salmon, tuna, and clams, visiting a sushi restaurant can get confusing.

Many fish species are OK if caught on the Atlantic coast, but not if from Asia. Some are OK if wild-caught, but not if farmed. Some are great from South America, but - well, you get the point. Even more frustrating, often servers can't answer your questions about the source of the fish.

So with the help of the wonderful Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide (also available as a smart phone app or in a wallet-sized card) we've narrowed the sushi selections down to nine can't-fail choices. So pick up your chopsticks and grab some wasabi: these are the most sustainable sushi and sashimi out there.

9 Sustainable Sushi Selections