7 Things All Great Wellness Coordinators Do Every Day

Portrait of smiling working girl in meeting
Portrait of smiling working girl in meeting

If you're the wellness coordinator at your company, you know how difficult the job can be. There are a variety of things to focus on from preparation to evaluation and everything in between.


Doing these seven things every day will help you manage the crazy tasks thrown at you as a wellness coordinator.

Number 1: Show Gratitude

You work with all kinds of people both in your company and externally. Remember to say thank you! These relationships are important, and it's just as important to nurture them.

Number 2: Exude Positivity

Part of your job involves some major persuasion. If you have a negative attitude about the wellness program you manage, nobody else will want to jump on board.

Number 3: Get Rested

This is important on a few levels. First, sleep is important for your overall health. Second, sleep is a time to take a break from your busy schedule. And, third, nobody likes a crabby wellness coordinator.

Number 4: Communicate

Managing your company's wellness program literally involves every employee at your company. That's obviously a pretty large base of people to work with. Communicate clearly and communicate often so you can keep everyone on the same page.

Number 5: Work with Others

Again, your job involves everyone. Be a good teammate! Open up your mind to new ideas, delegate tasks to members of your team and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Number 6: Study Up

Health trends are changing daily. Some are legitimate. Others are completely bogus. Keep an eye on what's going on in the world of health and wellness so you know what will work best for your company.

Number 7: Practice What You Preach

There's no better way to improve wellness engagement and excitement than to be engaged and excited yourself. Invest in the work you're doing not only as the wellness coordinator but as a participant in your wellness program.

I know that all wellness coordinators are different. I also know that you all have this exciting job in common. Try to fit these seven things into your life every day so you can be as effective as possible when it comes to managing your company's wellness program.

What else do you do daily that helps make your job easier?