7 Things Jane Fonda Taught Us About Sex

Jane Fonda knows good sex. And not just because of her series of bestselling (and somewhat sexy) fitness videos. The 77-year-old actress has never shied away from talking about her sex life, especially as she gets older. Fonda has said that a fulfilling sex life is one of the most important things at this stage of her life and has even said that when she's making love to her partner, Richard Perry, she can imagine him as he was decades ago. Here are some more Fonda-isms to help inspire you in the bedroom.

1. Use it or lose it.


2. Sex can help keep you young. 

3. Confidence is everything.


4. The days of your best sex could still be ahead of you. 

5. Older people have sex. Get over it. 

6. Stop worrying about how you look... and start having sex instead.

7. Take it easy.

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