7 Cardinal Sins To Avoid If You Get Your Eyebrows Done


Messing around with your eyebrows is a serious matter, and there are few people who feel more strongly about that fact than brow artists. Anyone with decent vision and a clean mirror can remove thick, stray brow hairs. But an expert can create an eyebrow shape that fits your face perfectly.

When you overpluck or trim too much, achieving beautiful brows doesn't come as easy. Want to avoid the wrath of your brow artist? Avoid the seven no-nos below.

1. Filling in your eyebrows with heavy makeup before your appointment. Wearing brow makeup makes it harder for the brow specialist to see what hair is actually there, according to Caroline K., a senior specialist at hair removal salon Spruce & Bond. "It covers up the fine, baby hairs that we need to tweeze to get that nice shaped brow," she says. Although we do always clean the brow before tweezing, there is a risk that the leftover residue from the makeup can clog the newly open pores! Come in with a naked brow and let the experts fill them in for you after your brow service."

2. Having unrealistic expectations about your eyebrows. "It's true, we all want what we can't have; and to some it can be extreme. Please don't come in with unrealistic ideas on how your eyebrows should look (think Pamela Anderson thin eyebrows wanting to leave the studio that day with thick, full brows like Cara Delevingne)," says Caroline K. "It just won't happen! I'm not saying that it could never happen, but it could take weeks or even months."

Boom Boom Brow Bar owner Malynda Viglotti recommends bringing in a picture of yourself with brows that you loved from a certain point in time. Also, being able to explain to the brow artist whether you like a fuller brow or a more styled brow is crucial. "Communication is key because once you take the hair out it’s gone and takes months to grow in," she says.

3. Going somewhere new to get your brows done. Caroline K. knows it can be tempting to go to the most convenient salon or spa while you are out of town and can't see your regular brow specialist. "But once you cheat, there will be regret; and all those weeks and months of working so hard to get your brows where they need to be will go down the drain," she says.

Viglotti echoes this belief, adding: "We can only work with what you have and if you have nothing then, you have to let it grow all back. It takes 3-6 months sometimes."

4. Not disclosing whether you've been prescribed topical medications or acne treatments, including Retin-A and Accutane. These medications may cause skin to peel or exfoliate and can affect the outcome of your brow shaping appointment. "If you are going to wax, tell the aesthetician because your skin is hyper sensitive. And maybe consider the option not to wax but to tweeze at that time because you don’t want to lift skin," says Viglotti.

5. Tweezing gray hairs at home. "Don't do it. I repeat, Don’t do it," says Caroline K. "I know it's hard to see those gray brow hairs randomly pop in the older we get. But do understand, you need those hairs there!" The professional admits to seeing way too many self-conscious women tweeze them away only to leave them with sparse and patchy brows. It makes it harder to create the brow shape that best fits your needs. There is always an option to tint your brows to cover up those unwanted, but needed, grey hairs.

6. Attempting brow waxing after a spray tan: This one is pretty self-explanatory but Viglotti says that if the aesthetician applies the wax and peels it off, you can rip off the tan, too.

7. Flat out lying: "We know if you’ve done Botox or can tell if you’ve been tweezing between [visits]. We want you to have the best brows! We want you to feel beautiful. So let's work together," Viglotti says.

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