7 Things That Actually WILL Ruin Your Childhood

Sure, realizing Rugrats was filled with sex jokes might put a slight dent in your childhood memories, but let's have a look at some things that actually will ruin your childhood as it happens.

1. Bullies
Being picked on by a bully will definitely make the majority of childhood suck balls. Instead of creating lifelong memories of joy and fun, you will spend your school days avoiding the cafeteria, meticulously picking out unwedgiable underwear, and planning alternative routes from school to your house where they can't find you. Having a bully will turn your childhood into a scary, fearful phase where all you can do is hope that eventually you'll become their boss at work and have your revenge by taking away their dental.

2. Your parents getting divorced


Nothing like kicking off a life of self-blame and abandonment to ruin a perfectly good childhood. Kick off the school year with arguments, custody battles and general depression!

But no worries, summer is almost around the corner, and you'll get to spend it away from your friends in your dad's sad condo across the country! Still not happy? Well, come on back home where your mom's boyfriend Steve is all psyched to become your new dad and earn the power of grounding you.

3. Being called "Pee Chugger" from 2nd grade to senior year in high school
You drink pee on a dare once just to make some kids laugh and you're tagged for the next 10 years. How is that fair? Try and get a date to the spring formal when people are chanting "pee chugger's in-love" while you're asking out a girl. And good luck ever going to the bathroom in school without someone saying "Thirsty"? Any nickname you'll get in school could easily mark you and ruin your days, making your childhood feel like an endless standup comedy show where you are the joke.

4. Severe Allergies
Even if your forget about the fact that allergy kids are automatically tagged as nerds for some reason, having to constantly pay attention to what you eat can totally ruin your childhood. The best thing about being a kid is eating crap. What kind of kid can show up at school with a bowl of quinoa and gluten free bread and still feel like a kid? If you don't gorge on pizza and candies, it's no childhood. That's why Piñatas aren't stuffed with broccoli.

5. Your pet dying by your own fault


Having a pet is one of the best parts of childhood. You have a trusted friend who loves you and is always there for you, it's always cute as hell, and you're basically a superhero in their eyes. But if you accidentally, say, forget to close the back yard gate and your dog runs outside and gets hit by a truck? that would definitely scar your childhood. Losing a pet is hard already, but when it's your fault? Damn, you're screwed. Good luck going to sleep at night and not dreaming about your pet in hell, looking at you with its sad disappointed eyes and whispering "I trusted youuuuu".

6. Being a pageant kid
If your parents are insane enough, you might get to spend your childhood in a slightly different way than all the other kids. So what if you're only a child? That doesn't mean you can't carry the weight of your parents putting all their unachieved hopes and dreams on your shoulders. You'll get to spend your childhood being judged, unreasonably competitive and even physically and emotionally drained. All eyes are on your, kid -- you better not screw this up!

7. Benjamin buttoning it


Okay, if you really want your childhood ruined, try being an old man through all of it. Finding friends in first grade is hard enough without being 80 years old and walking around with a catheter.