7 Things Women Need to Start Doing

Female friends laughing at restaurant table
Female friends laughing at restaurant table

The new year is here, along with the pressure of resolutions. They don't work.
Trying to write the perfect one is like daydreaming of a destination, but never arriving. You kind of want to do it, but you don't want to start just yet. Why wait an entire year to start something?

Ain't nobody got time to chase temporary fantasies, be stressed, change what you're not ready to change, or keep up with everyone else's pace. Instead, consider adding some vital actions to your life. There's no better time than the present to start doing the below seven things. I promise your life will be better if you make them a part of your permanent habits and not just one-year resolutions.

What would you add?

1. Own your vagina.

Yes, I said the V word. Your vajayjay, coochie, punani, or kitty is not just a "thing" on your body. It's not the Notorious V.A.G. that exists for mere satisfaction. It's not a factory where outside sources can unload their baggage. Your vagina is not meant to be home for everybody. No. Your vagina is a powerhouse. We birth nations through it. We teach others the discipline of pleasure. We create magic. Learn to manage your sexual energy. It is there to direct and give life to this world. Own that power. It's yours.

2. Listen to your intuition.

You are smarter than you think. Sometimes we let doubt come up against what we know we need to do. Take time to be still and listen to your heart. You are your personal counselor, coach and mentor. Lost, confused, and clueless are not in your vocabulary. You have the answers you seek. Listen to that gut feeling.

3. Say NO to energy suckers.

Trying to please everyone gets old real quick. No, you are not available for that date with a man you don't even like. No, your mind is not available to people who are too lazy to Google things or invest in themselves. You have your life to take care of and handle. Life can be stressful. Adding to that pile doesn't make it any better. Why continue saying yes to the things and people we don't want to engage with? #BYEFELICIA

4. Say YES to you.

Say yes to yourself. Yes, I want to treat myself to that dress. Yes, I want to take the trip. Yes, I think I will change my hairstyle. Yes, I will give love another chance. Yes, I am worthy of better and more. Yes, I am beautiful. Yes, I can accomplish this goal. Yes, I am more than ready to take a risk. Say yes.

5. Support all women.

We are stronger when we lift one another up. Let's say goodbye to jealousy. Maybe you don't agree with her lifestyle. Maybe you don't have her body, boyfriend, life, business, idea, charm, personality or friends. Instead of mentally tearing her down, ask yourself -- "What can I learn from her and how can I support her?" Think of the women you respect. You admire them because they have something you desire to foster in yourself. There is too much division in the world. Let's not add to that.

6. Put your foot down.

How long have you excused yourself from taking ownership of your life? How long have you excused others? How long have you stayed in a toxic relationship or let fear prevent you from taking risks? Put your foot down. Enough is enough. Take a stand for those who need you to be strong. Do it for the sake of your personal development. There are people secretly expecting your success because it gives them hope. You can do this. You deserve to be happy. Leave that relationship. Take the risk. Go after that goal.

7. Love yourself.

Carl Jung once said, "The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely." Learn to embrace your mind, your skin color, your body, your quirks, your temper problem, your stretch marks, the gap in your teeth, the texture of your hair and everything else that makes you unique. Yes, it's scary, but it's all beautiful. Acceptance is the first step to self-love. You are fortunate to live in your body.

Ladies, let's dump what stresses us out. Let's focus on the important things that improve the quality of our life long-term. Rather than concentrating on resolutions, let's do what feels right for us. Let's find our pace.

Cheers to a magical year!