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7 Things You'll Learn About Wedding Dress Shopping From Watching "Say Yes To The Dress"

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by Elizabeth Mitchell, BRIDES

Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose

Even if you're not engaged yet, chances are you can't get enough of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress". But seriously, what's not to love? It's got drama, suspense, and a whole lot of emotional brides from all around the country in search of the perfect gown. By the time you catch a few episodes -- or a hundred (guilty as charged!), you'll be a total pro in the art of wedding-dress shopping. From who to take with you to what gowns you shouldn't try on, here are 7 things you'll learn from watching every girl's favorite bridal show.

1. Don't bring a huge crew with you dress shopping. Otherwise, your experience will probably bring tears to your eyes and not the happy tears kind of tears. Like the "OMG, there are too many opinions in this room and everyone is so mean kind of tears." Stick to 2-3 peeps max that will be supportive no matter what if you actually want to go home with a gown, that is!

2. Just say no to dresses out of your budget. Don't let anyone, including the consultant, convince you to put on a frock you simply can't afford -- or it's bad news bears for everyone. Okay, mostly for your wallet (or mom and dad's, eek!).

3. Inviting both sides of the family along can cause some tension. For example, your mom is down with more modern-style gowns and doesn't mind if you show some skin, whereas your mother-in-law wants you in something a lot more conservative. Um, can we say awkward? This goes for sisters and sister-in-laws, etc. Things can get uncomfortable very quickly, as we've learned from watching the show!

4. Pnina basically lives at the Kleinfeld salon.
We kid, we kid! But seriously, does she actually live there? Even we have to admit it's a valid question...

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5. Wedding dresses can cost more than a car.
And your entire wedding -- and that people actually buy them...gasp! Now, we can justify dropping several grand on your dream dress, but 35k seems pretty outrageous, unless you're Kim Kardashian and your gown costs almost half a million. Hey, to each their own.

6. If someone doubts your gown, all you need to do is get jacked up. Then they'll fall head over heels and likely start crying. In case you weren't aware, "jacked up" in "Say Yes to the Dress" terms more or less means accessorizing your gown with a blingy bridal belt, a veil or some other chic bridal headpiece. Seriously, it works every time!

7. Hold your bouquet low. Thank you "Say Yes to the Dress"! Now, we admit you have to be an avid watcher of the show to have caught this handy dandy tidbit, but needless to say, on one episode they do point out that so many brides hold their wedding bouquets too high, which just looks awkward. Apparently you're supposed to hold them closer to your, "Pubes, not boobs." And yes that's a direct quote.

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