7 Tips That Will Make Your Traveling Life Easier

If you are a world traveler or you are planning to travel to the other part of the world these useful tips will work for you.
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If you are a world traveler or you are planning to travel to the other part of the world these useful tips will work for you.

1. Travel Light, But Take Essential Things With You
This sounds logical, but sometimes we have made the mistake of packing a lot of things "just in case," if you travel a lot you have noticed that you frequently don't use all things that you put in your bag but you carry the weight. Instead, travel with a smaller bag that you can carry with you; having a good carry-on bag that's easy to transport and runs smoothly, will make a huge difference in your long trip. Another essential thing that I carry with me at all times is a converter. Different countries have different electrical sockets and voltages, making these small devices key in keeping your electronics charged at any time.

2. Make Sleep a Priority
Traveling across multiple time zones without enough time to sleep is not only a bad idea, but it can also disturb your body and mind harmony. Get enough hours of sleep whenever you can. I always carry an eye mask with me to help with sleeping; covering your eyes completely will make you fall asleep quickly and smoothly. I often use an app called Jetlag Rooster, which can help you with adjusting to a new time zone. Not taking sleep seriously will make you feel like you are in another dimension.

3. Be Prepared to Eat Everything, and Be Sick
The reality is that sometimes you will like the food, and sometimes you will not. Consider food as part of the adventure. When I recently traveled to India, the food was quite spicy and heavy on the sauce, something that I am particularly not used to; I prefer drier and less condiment food. Should not be able to find this where I travel, I would usually eat fruits, vegetables, nuts or whatever is available, do not forget to drink a lot of water. Looking at the positive side, if you don't like the food, you will probably lose some weight during your trip.

4. Work as a Team
Unless you are traveling solo, is always a good idea to divide tasks between you and your traveler partner(s), as it will save you time and money. Some couples like to discuss everything and decide everything together, but I found out that delegating things that I am not good at to my partner allows me to arrange other things that he is not good at. This makes us more efficient as a couple. Some people are good looking for the best deals in flights and hotels, others like me prefer to deal with the logistics of dining, transportation, and things to do in the city.

5. Be Ready for the Weather
Unless you are traveling exclusively to an exotic beach, be prepared for all kinds of weather. If you are traveling to London, for example, it may be a good idea to take a jacket with you and a small umbrella. Another essential thing that I carry with me at all times is sun protector and a hat. Protecting your skin is essential when walking a lot outside.

6. Use Public Transportation when Available
Big cities usually have good public transportation systems.Take advantage of this and use the metro or bus anytime you can, which will save you time and a lot of money. I often use Citymapper, which is a handy app that has information on public transit of major cities in the world. Also, wear comfortable shoes to walk long distances, as your feet and body will appreciate it later at night.

7. Be Open Minded and Show Respect
If you are planning to travel is because you enjoy different cultures and countries. Depending on which country you travel to, some things will be different, and sometimes things will be awkward. In my last visit to London, I realized that people there have a slower pace, they do one thing at a time, and slowly. Living in the US, I expect things to be fast and efficient, so naturally this was a bit of a culture shock. The reality is that you should not have any expectations, which will help you avoid any potential disappointment. Rather, expect things to be completely different, and have fun in pointing out any similarities or pleasant surprises you may encounter throughout your trip. Bottom line, you are in other country, likely with a different culture and customs, so show respect and try to be nice.

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