7 Tips to Stop Wedding Planning Stress!

Every bride-to-be will be here at some point. Something goes wrong, or A LOT goes wrong at once and you feel panic in the pit of your bride-to-be stomach.
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Every bride-to-be will be here at some point. Something goes wrong, or A LOT goes wrong at once and you feel panic in the pit of your bride-to-be stomach. You want to give up, you consider canceling everything and you are absolutely overwhelmed with stress.

Before you do anything drastic, take a deep breath, go get a cup of coffee and read this blog, it will help, I promise.

Here are my seven tips to calm wedding planning stress:

1. Write it all down

Sometimes your 'to do' list seems to be never ending in your head, but then when you write it down it really isn't that bad. Even if it is as long as your arm, once you have it in black and white you can prioritize, delegate and start crossing things off.

2. Trust your suppliers

As long as you have done your homework and chosen only the best suppliers you need to start trusting their expertise. They are the professionals, they know what to do. Relax and have faith that you are in good hands.

3. Take a break

Wedding planning can be all consuming. If you find yourself constantly thinking, talking, worrying and having nightmares about your wedding it is time to take a break!

Schedule a weekend off, even if you aren't actually going anywhere, take a holiday from wedding planning. Mark it in your diary. Then, the day before your scheduled break cram in as much planning as you can. That way you can feel confident that you can take a few days off without it all falling apart. Try it, it works!

4. Know there is always a solution

When it comes to wedding planning there is only one problem that can't be fixed (I'll let you guess what it is). Other than that one thing, if something goes wrong there is always a solution.

5. Think of the big picture

Your wedding is about love. About commitment. About marrying your soul mate. Who cares if your bridesmaid dresses are a shade darker than you thought, the shoes you want are out of stock, or if your stepmother is refusing to come to the wedding. You are getting married! Focus on that, don't sweat the small stuff.

Sometimes just knowing you are going in the right direction, or getting that one question answered that no one else can help with, will ease your pain and give you the pick me up you need to keep going. An hour long chat with an experienced wedding professional (like me) will help you create a plan, get your questions answered and get you back on track.

7. Hire Full Time Help

If numbers 1-6 don't work it may be time to hire a full-time wedding planner. No matter where you are in your wedding planning journey a skilled wedding planner will be able to step in, take over, and take all that ugly stress away.

What has been stressing you out? What happened? Did you find a solution? Or are you still in a panic? Comment below and tell me all about it...


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