7 Top Tips for When You Start Using the New Periscope App Plus My Favorite Broadcaster of the Week!

1. My number one tip for you is, if you really want to start broadcasting on Periscope but feel nervous, start today! When I first discovered Periscope, I was freaking out scared but excited in a good way. The only way I wouldn't feel as nervous was to scope every single day. You may be wondering how to come up with daily content. Content creating is easier when you hone in on your goals for Periscope. You may want to broadcast for fun, you can show your life, experiences and travel. You may want to broadcast about business. Taking some time to write out your goals and strategies is extremely helpful when planning your topics and content. Write all of your ideas down then break them into small bite sized topics for future broadcasts. Don't forget to get to the point, welcome people but share the info you put in the title, people appreciate value on Periscope.


2. If you have a Twitter following your broadcast automatically gets shared on your Twitter profile, a big bonus! I personally never really enjoyed Twitter but when they linked up with Periscope I felt a connection on Twitter. You will start to get more followers from your Periscope following and vice versa. You can also stay connected with all the new people you will meet. The relationships you build will be much stronger when you hop on over to Twitter. You can also follow up on Twitter by using Katch.me and clicking straight to the viewers Twitter profile, from the comments on Katch.

3. Don't forget viewing other broadcasters and commenting is just as important as broadcasting. Essentially Periscope is a social media platform and should be treated that way, respectively. @BrandyMarieJ shared the idea and tip that Periscope is meant for joining in and participating as much as possible. I agree with Brandy, participation can be easily forgotten but is essential to building relationships with other broadcasters.

4. Periscope is showing to be a massive opportunity to network and meet people around the world. Don't forget about the incredible online opportunity to brand yourself, promote your company or have fun connecting with others. When opportunity knocks, open the door, say hello and join in the fun!!

5. For creative people, the Periscope App is an amazing tool to share creations, art music and other creative activities. Maybe you are a craft blogger, a chef, an artist or a singer. You can promote and share your talents every day! Seriously think about the possibilities here. You now have a tool that helps you share the creative process for making a beautiful piece of art. Imagine, people fall in love with your art and then feel a connection to you and your art and then buy your art, simple!

6. Learn to speak in public quickly and happily. Periscope can help you get over public speaking nerves. If you are like me and dream of being a public speaker one day, Periscope can heal you of those panicky feelings around speaking publicly. You will also learn very quickly about your inner voice and Periscope is extremely freeing in the sense that you can express yourself. After broadcasting over 200 times I can honestly tell you, I am a changed person because I found the experience to be very empowering.

7. While you broadcast on Periscope you are also creating content for other social media platforms or for repackaging and selling. Many people including myself have made thousands of dollars on Periscope. The relationships you build on Periscope are real and true connections because you see, hear and feel the person's presence instantly. As an example, you scope 20 epic broadcasts, package them together as a video course, voila!! While you are creating video content you are also increasing your following, increasing your exposure and building your clientele.

I would like to introduce you to my featured top Periscope broadcaster Joy Poulsen. Joy's sharing her top 3 tips with us.


1. Have a call to action in your profile (e.g. your landing page or opt-in). When you're setting up your profile make sure you have an actionable link. This is like your calling card and when people land on your profile you want to give them an idea of what it is they can expect from your periscopes and how to find out more!

2. If you're afraid to do your "first scope" find a friend and do a Private scope with them to get over the first time jitters. And remember, regardless if you do a private or to the world, if you don't like it there's always the delete button.

3. Always, always have a relevant and engaging title. Think like the editor of a magazine and give a short, punchy headline that will entice viewers to watch.

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