7 Traditional Ways to Advertise Your Business

7 Traditional Ways to Advertise Your Business
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These days, when businesses think of promotion, they tend to think of Facebook ads. But what about the good old fashioned and traditional advertising methods? In the world of promotion, a business has to market its products and services and for many businesses, these traditional ways still play a strong role in the marketing plan.

In today's intense digital environment, the well-known idiomatic expression "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" applies to the traditional way of advertising one's business. One or more of these seven old fashioned advertising methods, could potentially translate into cold hard cash. So before saying, "traditional advertising is dead," consider one or more of these promotional strategies.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners can be placed strategically for maximum visibility. Because there are so many sizes and types that can be used both outdoors and indoors, understanding your purpose for using them should be factored when deciding upon the best type of banner.

Commercials and Advertisements

Although television and radio commercials can be a costly way to brand and promote your business, consider also buying ad space in your local paper or magazine. When you're just starting out, promoting your business locally is better than trying to compete with national brands that have more visibility and traction.

Eco Blimp Advertising

Remember what it felt like to sit on the beach or park and watch a blimp go by on a sunny afternoon? These advertising blimps don't just offer that same kid appeal, but they also provide benefits and flexibility in terms of campaign options. Would your business benefit from one flight a week, several weeks or a year-long campaign?


Consider passing out materials advertising your business such as pamphlets and fliers at trade shows, parking lots, store fronts and any area that generates traffic. The good thing about fliers is that there are cost effective and tangible.

Direct Mail

These days, many businesses complement their online promotional efforts by purchasing mailing lists that are targeted to their customer and then do a mail campaign with brochures, catalogues or postcards. This method can be highly effective if you intend to provide some kind of promotional merchandise such as coupons or business cards.

Operate a pop-up stand

Remember those hot dog and Italian ice stands that were (and still are) immensely popular in New York City? Now, it appears, these pop-up stands are an innovative way for businesses to spread the word about their products and services.

Whether it's economically viable for a business with limited brand recognition to operate a pop-up stand is one thing, but what is clear is that a business has to do some out-of-the-box marketing and this article gives a few good ideas for approaching this method as an opportunity.

Public Relations

A public relations or PR firm has long been associated with promoting authors, but did you know that creating a long or short term campaign can also be effective in the form of press releases and outreach to potential customers thus building traction for your business?

Will you consider utilizing one of these traditional advertising strategies for promoting your business?

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