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7 Unexpected Food and Wine Pairings

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Pizza is a staple in most of our lives, and while beer will always be an appropriate companion for this yummy comfort food, we recommend trying something new. We found that Barbera's bold, fruity character only enhances the pizza experience.

Prosecco is a match made in heaven for fried food, especially potato latkes. It's also a celebratory drink, excellent for Thanksgivukkah festivities.

We all love fried chicken, but it can leave us feeling pretty lethargic. Some sparkling wine (we recommend Gruet Brut) will grapple with the heaviness and the grease to immediately help settle your stomach.

Milk may be the classic go-to with an Oreo, but as new flavors roll out, we're too are revolutionizing the game. There's a wine or beer for every new flavor of America's favorite cookie.

The Taco Bell Crunchwrap is a tough flavor to match, but Chateau Montelena sized up just right. It's only appropriate to pair two of our favorite products of California.

While Buffalo mozzarella has a delicate taste, those juicy tomatoes are begging for something a little heartier. Lambrusco fits the bill perfectly.

We typically associate donuts with coffee, but at the end of the week we need a little something extra. Maple Whiskey, with its sweet taste, is the ideal choice.