7 Gifts Under $70 for the Whale-Lover in Your Life

For the cetacean fan in your life, make a splash with one of these unique, adorable, and flippingly awesome gifts.

Of course it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but now you can rest assured knowing that you’ll krill it with one of these whale-themed gifts.

1. These incredibly striking prints were inspired by a surf trip to Mexico where, just before paddling into a break, artist Maggie Hurley witnessed a rare double breach of mother and calf. Hurley became committed to deepening her work, inspiring people to act, and giving back to ocean conservation. Feel good gifting this original wooden print because 20% of the proceeds go directly towards supporting marine conservation efforts of organizations like The Lonely Whale Foundation. Printed from original oil painting, then titled, signed and mounted on wood (6” x 8”). See more of the collection that includes orcas, humpbacks, and dolphins floating above and around cities across the globe. ($55)

2. Give the gift of a whale of a good time with this wall clock. Vancouver-based artist Crystal Smith works with mixed media to capture the stunning beauty of migrating humpbacks who swim past her home. Available in natural wood, white, or black. ($36)

3. This itty-bitty handmade ceramic succulent planter will warm the heart of any whale-lover. And priced at just under $14, this little fellow makes the perfect stocking-stuffer.

4. Green thumb gardeners and amateur chefs will equally enjoy this handmade ceramic gift that doubles as a planter or a utensil holder. Choose from white or blue. ($65)

5. Your loved one will have a whaley merry Christmas with this handmade felt ornament adorning their tree. ($10.30)

6. Inspired by the wildlife off the coast of Cape Cod, this bracelet gives back 15% of its profits to ocean and marine life causes. ($29.99)

7. Adopt a whale in your loved one’s name and your contribution will support conservation efforts of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), which is the leading charity dedicated to the protection and freedom of whales and dolphins. Select from several humpbacks and orcas ($25-75); adoption packs include a personalized certificate with a photograph, biography and family tree of the adopted whale, interesting facts about whales, a map of the migratory path of your adopted whale, a window decal, plus an educational DVD about whales and whale protection.

Shelly Jackson is a writer and podcaster living in Northern California. She’s also the founder of Fairwind Creative, a collaborative coaching service for creative entrepreneurs and soulful businesses.

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