7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations You Haven't Thought of Yet

Which is your favorite?
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I don't know about you, but it's about that time of the year when I start daydreaming about traveling to new and exotic places. Warm places preferably, but temperature isn't everything -- I just love traveling in general!

In my opinion, one of the most amazing parts of getting married is the honeymoon. Umm, a sexy getaway with just the two happy newlyweds? Amazing! Of course, there are some honeymoon places that are a little more common than others... and while I love Hawaii as much as the next girl, a honeymoon factory isn't particularly my cup of tea. If it's not yours either, then you'll love these 7 unique honeymoon destinations that I'm obsessed with right now!

1. Cambodia: A mysterious and historic hotspot

If you like mysterious temples, tropical beaches and an abundance of natural attractions, then Cambodia might be for you. While it's recent history is painful and tragic, the country itself is recovering with a thriving tourism economy and boasts many charming accommodations and fun things to do.

2. Iceland: A whimsical and natural wonderland

Sure, it's not on the same latitudes as more tropical destinations, but Iceland has a unique beauty all of its own. From gorgeous landscapes to the Northern Lights to natural hotsprings, lovers of the outdoors will frolic in Iceland's many wonders.

3. Croatia: A hidden gem of the Mediterranean

Santorini is so last decade. If you want a true Mediterranean getaway with islands, beaches and culture, then Croatia is the ticket. Safe from throngs of tourists and high prices, you'll love this gorgeous and historic getaway.

4. Copenhagen: Regal and historic

Cold? Maybe. Romantic? Definitely. Denmark has a wealth of historic palaces, many cultural attractions, and gorgeous landscapes. It's capital, Copenhagen, boasts the best of Scandanavia with its many cozy bars, fun museums, and and posh palaces.

5. Austin, TX: Hip, fun, and foodie haven!

One of the most fun spring breaks I've ever had was in Austin. That place is awesome. With tons of live music, delicious foodie spots and thrift/vintage stores galore, you'll never be bored in this amazing town. Oh, and the barbecue is to die for.

6. Tanzania: A luxurious African adventure

If you want a tropical beach and an African safari in one awesome trip, then you'll love Tanzania. The oceans are oh-so-blue and the savannas are oh-so-wild... and both are filled to the brim with wildlife!

7. Belize: A wilder Mexico, on the cheap!

If you love Mexico but want something a little more novel for the 'moon, try Belize. With the worlds largest sinkhole (it looks amazing!), gorgeous beaches and tropical jungles to explore, you'll love the many aspects of paradise that Belize offers! Plus it's a shorter flight than most of these other destinations... so that's a perk, right?

So who's buying a bunch of awesome plane tickets to these amazing places right now? Well, I wish I was. Hopefully you'll be inspired and look up some of these unique honeymoon destinations for your own getaway. Which is your favorite?

Photo via Mike Heller on Flickr.

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