7 Vintage Movies That Creeped Us Out At Kids And Still Do So Today

Whatever you do, don't watch these in the dark.

Special effects may be far more advanced today, but there’s still nothing like a classic, old-school horror film to give you the kind of heebie jeebies you just can’t shake. Remember that chilling shower scene from “Psycho”? What about “Jaws”? Did it give you thalassophobia?

Just in time for Halloween, we decided to ask our Facebook fans what films they first saw in their childhood that can still give them nightmares today. Watch these with the lights on, folks.

1. “Jaws” ― 1975

“I didn’t go into the ocean for ages as a teen/20-something after seeing that film,” said Shelley Emling. 

Duuuunnn duuunnn. Duuunnn duuunnn. Duunn duunn. Duunn. Duunn duunn. Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun.


2. “Carrie” ― 1976

”I was pretty young when I saw it. Still creeps me out even though there are much worse movies,” said Melanie Duke. 

Don’t mess with the prom queen, people. 


3. “The Exorcist” ― 1973 

The spinning head. The crawling down the stairs upside down. Yep, this one takes the cake. 


4. “The Birds” ― 1963

“I saw it on TV when I was around nine ― too young! I have been mildly terrified of low-flying birds ever since,” said Andrea Schindler. 

Now excuse us while we double check the windows.


5. “Rosemary’s Baby” ― 1968

Don’t trust your new neighbors.


6. “Poltergeist” ― 1982 

A demonic TV. A clown doll coming to life. A house built on a graveyard. Need we say more? 


7. “Soylent Green” ― 1973

”Creeped me out worse than any other movie,” said Tom Sparrow. 

You’ll definitely lose your appetite watching this futuristic sci-fi flick. 



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