7 Ways I Made the Most of Being Single

Woman walking in crosswalk in city
Woman walking in crosswalk in city

Being single isn't always easy. Trust me -- I know! I was single most of my adult life, into my early 30s. While at times I had moments of self-doubt and fear of never meeting the right person, I found ways to make the most of this "me time," because I realized that being single -- or coupled up -- is really what we make of it.

Check out my tips below to make being single a positive chapter in your life (which I did ALL of, and am really glad I did):

1. Get to you know your town.
Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there's always a stone left unturned and a new café, restaurant, or venue to check out. Explore where you are and take it in. Where you live can constantly be your own little adventure -- plus, you never know who you might meet while on it!

2. Live alone.
If you're single, sometimes it makes the most financial sense to live with roommates. But if you ever get the chance to live alone before coupling up, I highly recommend it. There's nothing like having your very own space, even if just for a short time, to live just like you want to without answering to anyone else! Plus you get to walk around naked without a care in the world... added bonus!

3. Go out with the person you don't think you'd ever end up with.
Getting to know new people who might not be your "type" can actually surprise you. You could make a new friend out of it, it could be a great connection for your career, or who knows -- you might realize you are indeed attracted to them or something about them. Exposing yourself to different people makes life and connection a little more interesting, and you never know what can come of that.

4. Travel solo or with your friends.
There's something really special about discovering new places on your own, or with a friend or small group. It's different than traveling with your significant other because the trip is more about you (if you're solo) or an experience to share and bond with your closest pals. Travel experiences are memories you will never forget, and by seeing and experiencing new places and cultures, you will even learn so much more about yourself.

5. Take a class, try a new hobby, go back to school.
When you're single, it's such an excellent time to work on yourself, because your primary focus is you. Invest in creating a better version of yourself -- whether you take the time to concentrate on a new hobby, get that certification you had been thinking of, or get more training related to your career. Plus -- when you're working on being the best version of yourself, it's uber-attractive to others!

6. Give your time to others.
There's nothing like giving back -- and it's fun to do it on your own or round up some friends to do it with you. Whether you walk dogs at the local shelter, mentor younger students, or spend an afternoon at the soup kitchen, giving back spreads the positive vibes and also will give you some internal sparkle -- and who doesn't need more of that?!

7. Do that thing that's been on your bucket list.
Have you always wanted to move to another city or country? Start your own business? Get photos taken of yourself? Go mountain climbing on the other side of the world? Whatever it may be, now is such a great time to do it! Taking that leap to do something you've been thinking about or you're even scared of, is so exhilarating when you actually do it because it's your own special moment in your life that you'll always be proud of.

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