7 Ways Leaders Can Step Back From the Day-to-Day Grind

Taking a break from the everyday workflow isn't just important for your mental health. It reminds you of the high-level vision of your business. Here are smallways to get started.

A. Find a Forum of Like-Minded Individuals


I'm lucky to have a forum as a big part of my professional life. Forums are a great sounding board to bounce things off of when different ideas or problems come up. The main benefit they provide is calling you out on some of your thought processes. They help look at your company at a high level since they never get bogged down on the day-to-day. - Cyril Agley, Talon Ventures LLC

A. Take a Couple Days Off


It's easy to get caught up in the day's work and never take a break to think about where you've come from, where you are, and where you're going. By taking a couple of days off from the grind, you're getting refreshed and opening your mind to the vision of where you want to be -- and how you can get there. - Jason Unger, Digital Ink

A. Hold a "Kitchen Cabinet" Meeting


I've built the bigger-picture concept in my mind by having regular "kitchen cabinet" meetings, where my most trusted strategists come together and formalize the company's next move. - Selena Soo, S2 Groupe

A. Schedule Downtime


I set aside time on my calendar when I turn off electronics, get a notepad and pen, and think about the larger goals to achieve with AlignedSigns.com. Then, I try to lay out actionable steps, which usually generates more ideas and questions. I follow up with trusted advisers for further research before I execute. - Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

A. Delegate


Nothing creates space for you like proper delegation of responsibilities. It's not about managing personal time but learning to entrust tasks to others, as well as making tough decisions to take responsibility away from others who can't self-supervise. The burden of taking on too much and babysitting others will prohibit you from taking a step back to see the big picture. - O. Liam Wright, True Interaction

A. Spend Time With Your Family


Spending time with my family allows me to think more about the bigger picture for my startup and how I want it to change the world. - Arry Yu, Emotiv Labs, Inc dba GiftStarter

A. Get Organized


I use Trello to organize everything that we work on, including the overall strategy for the company. This allows me to look at my strategy board to see where things are heading, what has been delayed, and what is not getting done. By mapping our vision to our projects, day-to-day work and our people, I'm able to quickly see the pieces that aren't directly contributing to our goals. - Coy Yonce, Mantis Digital Arts

These answers are provided by members of FounderSociety, an invitation-only organization comprised of ambitious startup founders and business owners.