7 Ways Moms Can Birth an Idea and Turn it Into a Thriving Business

Moms are natural entrepreneurs. We know firsthand how passion translates to an amazing life of its own, especially if given the right attention, care, time, and space.

“Once you create something--like a baby--you kind of want to keep it going,” says Randi Zinn, author of Going Beyond Mom and founder of Beyond Mom, an online community that encourages women to embrace the gifts of motherhood alongside their strengths as creators, business leaders, friends, and partners.

“Being a mother unleashed my inner artist, writer, problem-solver, negotiator, and business owner in ways I never saw coming. I just had to fuel myself the right way so I was in the mindset to step forward with clarity and confidence. And the rest is history, as they say."

If you have a business idea simmering on the back burner, it’s time to push the pot forward and start stirring. These seven steps from Randi Zinn will help.

1. Study what intrigues you.

Remember when you were newly pregnant and you started to pay attention to strollers, baby food makers, and high chairs? When you crossed paths with new parents, didn’t you slip in a few of your burning questions about what its like to be a mom, nurse a little one, or do the juggle at all? Our budding idea is no different and deserves the same kind of attention - study everything you can about it and ask questions of people that might know something about it.

2. Get Visual.

Pinterest exists for good reason - getting visual fills us with inspiration and can help us push ideas toward something tangible. Even if your idea is just an idea right now consider ways that you can literally see it. Create a vision board that you can put up and see every single day or make a list of people you want to meet, things you want to accomplish, places you want to travel to (all related to your idea), and post this list where you can see it every single day. The more we see our ideas in our daily flow the quicker they start to become part of our reality.

3. Shift your language.

Concern number one of the mom with an idea: How will I find the time to make this a reality? Start by shifting your language (and that mostly refers to the talk in your own mind). Instead of saying, I have no time consider saying I’m going to look for some pockets of time that I can create space to dive into this. My planner is a huge help with this. Instead of saying I know nothing about this, why would I try? Shift language to, I’m going to do some reading and research on this to get familiar. Success has come to millions of people who knew nothing about the industry they stepped into; they merely had a good idea and a whole lot of ambition.

4. Move your body.

We’ve been told that productivity should happen seated at our desk. I disagree! Movement gets blood moving to your brain, your endorphins pumping and puts most of us in a relaxed space. This is where creativity, innovation, and plain old good ideas come in. 90% of my work happens when I’m doing yoga, taking a walk, or simply in physical motion. I come to my desk when I’m ready to let my ideas out of my head and onto the paper.

5. Share it with your kids.

When an idea comes in, many moms feel guilty. How can I take time away from them? I share what I’m doing with my kids.

“My son told me recently when I apologized for being on my phone a lot because of work that he was really proud of me for working so hard. (He’s 5). And my 19 month old pointed at my book yesterday and said Mommy’s book!” Zinn said. “They really do get it and watching their mom embrace their ideas is such a positive thing for them to observe and be part of.”

6. Get help.

Get as much help as you can in any way you can afford it. Babysitting (because you will need quiet space), housekeeping, administrative assistant, virtual assistant, project management software, online grocery shopping, Amazon prime… you get my drift. When you begin to make space for an idea and begin to create the space to turn it into a business, you need get help in other parts of your life (this is where you grab time from for your work). This is ultimately part of the investment in your business idea.

7. Own this new you.

Turning a new idea into a new business means a new you is coming to the forefront. While this is an exciting time, it can also feel overwhelming because it’s different. You may crave different conversation, different friendships, and different activities. You will notice that you need different experiences to cultivate this new time and focus in your life. Instead of judging this, embrace this new time and shift. Befriend the new you.

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