7 Ways To Avoid The Mommy Burnout Blues

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You’ve read my post on how to be a happy mom 24-7 but living it can sometimes be hard to accomplish. Raising two active toddler boys, prepping for back to school while being CEO of my household, can leave this mama a little stir crazy, which can lead to frustration, self doubt and in extreme cases, unhappiness.

However, before any signs of self doubt rears its ugly head, I quickly ask myself “why so serious!??” (yes, exactly in the Joker’s voice). So before you too experience the case of the mommy blues…know that its normal, but then STOP right dead in your tracks! Remember you are blessed to have such a beautiful family and this too shall pass!

So, today I am sharing with you 7 things to do each day to avoid the mommy burnout blues:

1. Make a realistic list of to do’s: Begin to write down your thoughts so you know you won’t forget something, and that lets your brain take a well needed rest.

You can definitely just use a piece of paper, but I love jotting my thoughts in my planner. If you have 82 things written down to do tomorrow you’re setting yourself up to feel like a failure because there is no way you’ll get it all done. So a little a day will for sure keep you at ease.

2. Prepare the night before: Your day runs smoother if you’ve got a plan for it, and it’s best to make that plan before you go to bed the night before.

Try sorting out your clothes for the week and doing meal prep the night before (or do a week’s worth of dinner or lunch on Sundays). That way you won’t have to wake up before dawn slaving over a hot stove or rummaging through a pile of clothes in the dark.

3. Talk it out: Share your feelings with other moms and consider joining a parenting support group. A parenting group is an excellent place to learn strategies that will help you to manage complex parent-child interactions, obtain support, and make friends.

I’ve met most of closest mommy friends at Gymboree classes. Now almost 7 years later we are still trading stories and taking part in each other’s milestones.

4. Get Help: We as women think we need to do it all…yes, while some moms try to mislead other moms that they don’t need any help, they are lying!

Communicate your needs to your spouse directly, while stepping back to encourage his willingness to participate. Ask for help from your friends and family and when possible hire a babysitter.

5. Make time for yourself: Take some time for yourself. During the day, sitting down for a few moments to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper can renew your energy. When possible, try to nap when your child does.

6. Exercise as much (or little) as possible. Though it’s hard to fit in time to go to the gym, taking a walk or using an exercise DVD, releases those mood lifting endorphins.

This summer I challenged myself and ran my first 5K for charity. I felt great afterwards and looked forward to spending the rest of the day with the family.

7. Set aside a date night with your spouse each week. Spending time alone with your spouse is essential to nurture yourself and your relationship. Many couples set up an ongoing arrangement with a sitter and follow the routine religiously.

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