7 Ways to Cleanse Yourself Daily of Negative Energy Absorption (NEA)

7 Ways to Cleanse Yourself Daily of Negative Energy Absorption (NEA)
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Warning: Negative Energy Absorption* is a serious condition that occurs with every human on a daily basis. It is when a person absorbs, either subconsciously or consciously, unhealthy and negative energy. You could be walking down the street, minding your own business, maybe even whistling... you cross paths with a stranger, perhaps he or she is having a bad moment, or a bad year, and you come within absorption distance of their crappy biophotons. BOOM! Your Negative Energy Absorption goes up.

Humans are feeling and emitting beings, so there is always opportunity to share energy, both positive and negative. Be aware of when you pick up negative energy directly and trust that, at some point during the day, you probably picked some up indirectly. And then -- do something internally to cleanse yourself that will allow you to expel from your mind, body, and heart what you are carrying.

Here are seven ways to cleanse yourself of daily Negative Energy Absorption (NEA):

Before picking a cleansing exercise, get a gauge of your current NEA. What does a 10/10 of NEA usually feel like for you, with 10 being the worst? Once you have done that, scale your current NEA from 1-10.

Based on your scale, choose from one of the NER (Negative Energy Release) methods below. Please note: there is no such rating as a 0/10. If you are at a 1/10, then you can proactively use these methods to take care of any undetected NEA:

If your NEA is scaled from 1-3

1a. Stress Relief Breath (SRB)

(a) Spread your right hand in a relaxed way on your chest with you thumb and your forefinger touching the base of your clavicles.

(b) Take a moment to acknowledge the negative energy and stress in your mind and/or body.

(c) INHALE and bring all of the crappy energy up into your chest.

(d) EXHALE with an "AAAHH" sound and LET THE CRAPPY ENERGY GO... allow the exhale to last about 2-3 more counts than the inhale.

(e) Repeat until you feel a shift.

1b. SRB with Laughter or a Growl: Do the above steps, but on the exhale either laugh your butt off, or grooooowwwwl like a bear!

2. Vent with awareness and intention:

3. Journal: Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help to release them.

If your NEA is scaled from 5-7

Note: for NEA levels 5-10, you can turn on some music to give you more vocal freedom.

4. SRB with Tense and Release:

(a) INHALE and bring all of the crappy energy up into your chest and at the same time tense your entire body up (face, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, chest, belly, hips, pelvis, privates, buttocks, legs, feet, toes, etc.).

(b) EXHALE with an "AAAHH" or "GROWL" sound, relaxing the entire body at the same time.

(c) Repeat until you feel a shift.

(d) Complete with five gentle balloon breaths.

5. Pull a Weed, Plant a Flower with determination: A "weed" can be a negative feeling or phrase. Example: Weed: Crappy Energy, Flower: Positive Energy

(a) Pick a "weed" you want to pull and identify what flower you want to replace it with.

(b) Say out loud for one full minute or until you feel a shift, "No more [insert weed here], I don't want, get out of my head, get out of my body [insert weed here]!"

(c) Say out loud for one full minute or until you feel a shift, "I want [insert flower here], I create, I deserve, I accept [insert flower here]!"

If your NEA is scaled from 8-10

6. Scream Into a Pillow: Pull a Weed, Plant a Flower. But into a pillow, and louder.

7. Have a full-on Temper Tantrum. This is usually when you feel like your NEA is off the charts. Do what the toddlers do! Get on your bed, lay down on your back and go full blast with your arms and legs. Combo it up with #5 or #6 and you will feel a significant shift.


The very important and profound message: Get familiar with the term NEA-NER. No matter where you live, work, or play -- there are always opportunities to absorb negative energy. And your mind, body, heart, and soul will benefit from consciously releasing it on a daily basis. Each day that passes without some Negative Energy Release your Negative Energy Absorption goes up. This can lead to stress, elevate to anxiety, and possibly depression. And if you are not taking care of it, trust that you are projecting it -- most likely onto those you really care about.

Reducing your NEA is essential to healthy living. No matter how tough, resilient, or grounded you tend to be, everyone is at risk for NEA and can benefit from some Negative Energy Release (NER).

© 2014 Negative Energy Absorption (NEA) and Negative Energy Release (NER) are highly technical terms created by Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark

Special thanks to Dr. Barry Green, my teacher, who has created and taught me so much about releasing and replacing tools and methods.

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