7 Ways To Edit Your Wardrobe For Fall

7 Ways To Edit Your Wardrobe For Fall
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Fall is here and it is the perfect time to detox, organize and edit your wardrobe. I have seven quick and easy tips to help you get started.


1. Define. Define your personal style and know your signature style. Personal style changes from year to year so take this time to assess your current style. Before your start editing your wardrobe really think about how you define your personal style and what types of clothes make you feel and look your best.

2. Discard. Now it's time to think about items from fall/winter season and spring/summer and make four piles- discard, donate, sell, and the maybe pile. I suggest following the 2 year rule-so if you have not worn an item the past two winter seasons then say goodbye because you will likely never ever wear it!

3. Rotate. Move your remaining spring/summer items to the back of your wardrobe and have your fall/winter items in clear view. This is a good time to dry clean outerwear and sweaters if needed.

4. Update. Now is a great time to get rid of mismatched wire and plastic hangers. I recommend investing in slim line hangers or wooden hangers. Invest in good shoe racks and clear storage bins as well.


5. Organize. Now that your spring items are in clear view organize them in a way that works for you. I like to hang items by type (pants, blazers, tops) and then by color. (light to dark) This system will make getting dressed in the morning easier and faster. I also like to keep all the items I wear the most (my capsule wardrobe) together on a rolling rack or on rack in my wardrobe. These are the items I wear the most and are my "go to" items during a particular season.

6. Shop. Now the fun begins! As you are editing your wardrobe make a list of the items you are missing. This list will help you strategically plan out your shopping plan for the season. Ask yourself what foundational items am I missing? (layering tops, pants, boots, etc...) Also do you need to replace any items that are worn out or no longer fit? What about an update to your accessories? Accessories such as choker necklaces, printed scarves, and mini cross body bags are a great way to incorporate some of the season's hottest trends to your fall style and look.

7. Maintain. Your wardrobe is spring ready so why not maintain all the hard work you have just accomplished. Wardrobe maintenance is an ongoing process and is less daunting if you continuously evaluate and edit your wardrobe. I have a bin in the corner of my closet where I throw items in that no longer fit, are worn out, or I don't like. This makes it easier to maintain my wardrobe on a continuous basis.

Naina is a fashion stylist, style expert, and founder of Capsule.

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