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7 Ways to Feel Blissful and Free (Even When You're Stressed)

The good news is, you don't have to use all of your vacation time in order to tap into the feeling of freedom and bliss your mind, body, and soul crave. You can enjoy it now with the following tips below.
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Young happy caucasian woman listening music in the nature with her modern ear phone, during the sunset.
Young happy caucasian woman listening music in the nature with her modern ear phone, during the sunset.


photo credit: Loto via photopin (license)

For the average working adult, stress is a fact of life. With demanding (and often competing) schedules between work and home, it's no wonder so many of us struggle to experience even a few moments of relaxation.

The good news is, you don't have to use all of your vacation time in order to tap into the feeling of freedom and bliss your mind, body, and soul crave. You can enjoy it now with the following tips below.

1. Let your "yes" mean "yes" and your "no" mean "no." Too often we allow ourselves to be pigeonholed into doing things we really don't want to do out of guilt or obligation. And as much as you don't want to disappoint Grandma, Mom, or Aunt Susie by not attending all five Thanksgiving dinners you've been invited to. You have to draw the line somewhere. Whether you realize it or not, you do have a choice and the more you allow yourself to say no to the things that truly do not resonate with you, the more relaxed and happy you will be. Besides, who needs all those extra calories anyway?

2. Do more of what you love and less of what you don't. It seems once we become an adult we are more likely to sacrifice the things we love doing in favor of doing more things we feel we have to do. In my experience this only creates resentment, stress, and exhaustion that we don't need. You have interests and hobbies for a reason and being an adult does not mean you have to stop dancing, singing, coloring or whatever else you love to do. Commit to doing one thing you love every day and say goodbye to stress and hello to bliss.

3. Practice sacred self-care daily. Self-care seems to be the first thing to go when we are feeling stressed and if you don't have a self-care practice it's time to get one pronto. Sacred self-care is just that, sacred. It is the time you commit to refilling your cup and refreshing your energy reserves so you don't burn out in life. Your practice doesn't have to be long, but it does have to be a combination of things that clear your mind, energize your body, and feed your soul. Whether you go for a run, do a bit of yoga, meditate, repeat mantras, or something else, don't skimp on this sacred time. In fact, the moments you think you don't have time for self-care are the moments you need it the most.

4. Do less and BE more. There is no doubt that we have become a society of constant doers where what and how much we do in a day is often more important that who we are. Making to-do lists and seeing how much we can accomplish in one day is great, but what are we all rushing around for anyway? To simply fill our calendars to maximum capacity again? Instead of moving through life at rapid speeds to get to the next thing (and feeling incredibly stressed in the process), take some time to practice being in your life and enjoying the moment. Take a few moments to watch the rain, enjoy the sun shining on your face, or watch your little ones eyes light up when you come home and remind yourself of what it feels like to simply be in each moment. I guarantee you will begin to feel lighter, brighter, and more relaxed in minutes.

5. Let your intuition lead the way. Far too many of us are disconnected from the wealth of knowledge, support, and inspiration that lies within us. You were born with a sixth sense that tells you when something is amiss in your life and when you allow your intuition to lead the way, stress isn't even a factor. Your intuition is your inner guidance system and it has a way of communicating with you when you need to make a change in your life. Got a problem you need to solve or are you wondering what would be the next best step to take for more freedom and bliss? Simply ask yourself and see what answers come up. Your intuition will never lead you astray.

6. Lean back and listen. When life gets chaotic and stress starts to set in, we often miss the message that comes with our experience. Instead of diving head first into more action, more doing, and more realistic problem-solving, step back for a moment and listen. See if you notice any themes or messages that emerge for you. If you are getting more stressed because people aren't showing up for you, where aren't you showing up for yourself? Our outer reality is often a reflection of what is going on within us, so when things feel especially stressful, there is likely an important message in it for you. All you have to do is listen.

7. Increase your fun factor. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, I know there are days when fun isn't even on my radar let alone a priority. But, when life gets hectic and stress is running high, that is the perfect time to take a step back and have a bit of fun. Turn on some music, do a little dance, or plan a fun get together with your friends. Life is too short to be stuck in a stressful slump, so when the going gets tough, go have fun!

Let's keep the conversation going. What is your go-to method for dealing with stress? Share in the comments below!

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