7 Ways to Increase the Comfort of Your Home

What's the point of a countdown to relaxation if your home is in fact just another stress-box? Make your home an actual getaway with some of these surefire tips that will make you want to skip those after work happy hours to just curl up on the couch.
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Man relaxing at home
Man relaxing at home

Because you spend much of your day in an office or in front of a computer, many of us rely on our homes as a fortress of comfort. For most of us, it is necessary that our homes are encompassed in relaxation in order to keep our sanity. After hours on end spent typing, emailing, and swiveling around in that old desk chair, we often find ourselves counting down the seconds until we can plop across the couch and finally put our feet up.

However, what's the point of a countdown to relaxation if your home is in fact just another stress-box? Make your home an actual getaway with some of these surefire tips that will make you want to skip those after work happy hours to just curl up on the couch.

1.Windows. They may seem like a problem that is out of your hands, but in reality a few small changes can make a huge difference. Glazing windows is a technique that creates a much better living situation by simply adding a layer of inert gas in between to glass plates. By doing this, your window is now able to act as a sound barrier between you and the outside world.

On top of soundproofing your environment, windows provide natural light that instantly turn your home into the idyllic situation. Big, open windows are the easiest way to transform a dreary, closed room into a bright and open one. Open the curtains and let that light flood in.

2.Fresh Air. We often underestimate the effects of fresh air on our body. Allowing clean, fresh air to circulate through the home will essentially allow you to think clearer, breathe better, and be in an overall enhanced state of living. Invest in a good air cleaner or dehumidifier; you'll instantly see the improvement it makes on your life.

3.Lighting. While natural light is the best, it's not always an option. Sometimes you have to settle for something a little more artificial. Whether you're interested in target lighting, like a desk lamp, or general lighting, like an overhead bulb, make sure your room is well lit and painted a cohesive hue.

You can make your home the comfiest nook on the planet but without proper lighting you'll just give yourself a headache by merely existing in such a place. Find a balance between a bright light a subtle shade for your walls.

4.Flooring. Who would have thunk a floor can make or break your entire life? Hardwood floor are nice, but who really wants to walk on them 24/7? Find some area rugs to break up the hard consistency of your home. Waking up in the morning is hard enough without having to walk across cold, hard floors. Want to eliminate the daily struggle? Radiant floor heating may be the best thing since sliced bread. (Other than Netflix and Apple Music, of course.) The state of the art system allows heat to rise from the ground in order to create the optimum temperature for your entire body. "The best heating system a house can have is the one you don't realize is there."

5.Pets. Because who doesn't find it comfy to snuggle up with a furry friend? After a bad day, or a good day honestly, coming home to a pup or a feline is instantly comforting and extremely gratifying. Whether you lean towards cats or dogs (or fish or iguanas, your choice) is completely up to you. But there's no better way to make your home more inviting and comfortable to live in than by adding a pet.

6.Easy to use apps and electronics. Let's face it, the easiest way to be comfortable is by never having to move. Once you find that perfect position, getting up is literally the worst thing you can thing of. It's physically impossible to find that warm and comfy spot on the couch again. The best way to eliminate this issue is by taking advantage of the many millennial inventions.

Whether you're focused on security, room temperature, entertainment, lighting, or other everyday tasks, there's definitely an app for that. Now, with the click of a button, you can change the temperature, turn down the lights, and turn on the TV. What a time to be alive.

7.Plants. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but their surprisingly beneficial to your health and body as well. They are natural air purifiers by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. By producing fresh air, they obviously make your space a much better living arrangement.

There are a plethora of health benefits that come just from caring for a plant in your home. From preventing allergies, to decreasing blood pressure, there are countless advantages to keeping live plants.

Investing a little in your home is actually investing a lot in yourself. No matter how much time you spend there, your home should be your comfort zone. I have learned that if you can't live comfortably and relax in the confines of your own home, then it could potentially throw your entire life askew.


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