7 Ways To Insure Your Greatest Year Ever!

2017 is in full swing! Here are 7 ways to insure the upcoming 12 months are your best ever:

1. Plan before you act. Create a simple life blueprint outlining what you want within all your separate life arenas such as personal finance, career, health, family, relationships and friends. Design a vision with corresponding goals and tasks that are simple, measurable and achievable. See them in completed state as if it’s so. Continue this process even with your daily tasks. Envision the desired end result of the office meeting, personal encounter or phone call before it begins. Plan what you want and the preferred outcome will more readily arrive.

2. Treat yourself like a champion. To do this you must avoid all self-deprecating statements, thoughts and actions. Clean up your inner dialogue. Build yourself up at all times. Devote 2017 to extreme positivity. Avoid drama, gossip, hearsay, and rumor at all costs. Stay out of the past unless it’s for swift analysis, assessment and learning or a fun belly laugh with an old friend.

Feed the champion in you and starve the victim and judge. Put yourself first (not in a selfish way) in terms of your health, wealth and overall wellbeing. Hang out with other champions to insure your positive ways.

The Zone phenomenon is real. This mind and body fusion produces peak performance and maximum results. Champions attract this “purposeful calm” mindset on a regular basis.

3. Be decisive. Take charge of your life. If you say it, then mean it. Decide what you want and back it up with immediate positive action. Stop relying on others to decide for you. Do this on both a micro and macro level. “Where do you want to go to dinner?” You respond by saying, “Italian. Let’s go to Capri tonight.” Most of your decisions in 2017 can be made in less than 90-seconds. Major decisions like getting married, buying a new house or changing careers probably require sleeping on it for at least a night. Regardless of the decision, be swift and don’t look back. No regrets.

Let “No” be the new yes. “Do you want to go see the movie, Sing?” Respond swiftly with “No” (especially if you don’t have small children). “Will you play in the member-guest tournament with me next month?” You know you don’t want to play. Instead of “Let me get back to you. I need to check my calendar.” Just say, “No. I cannot commit.” Didn’t that feel good? Decisiveness can save so much time.

Listen to your intuition, as it possesses “real time information” that your conscious mind does NOT possess. Be decisive with your golf game. When your inner voice says, “6-iron” then place your 7-iron back in your bag and hit the 6. Be decisive at work. When your inner voice says phone someone then pick up the phone and do it immediately. When your gut whispers, “Call Uber” then leave your car at the restaurant/bar and book a ride home. Do NOT over think. Decisiveness is the hallmark of confident champions.

4. Be healthy. Be decisive in getting physically, mentally and spiritually fit. Create an action plan that will add quality years to your life. Focus on your ideal body weight. Get there and stay there. Drink mass quantities of water. Exercise regularly. Eat smaller meals and avoid excessive salt and all sugar. Moderation rules.

Being healthy includes relaxation. Place relaxation and enjoyment time first on your 2017 calendar. Organize your vacations, long weekends, days off, alone time, holidays, date nights and other fun and enjoyable times in advance. If life is a journey, then why are you rushing, hurrying and worrying? Relax and enjoy the journey!

Slow down. Be calm and cool. Be the palm tree in life’s hurricanes. Let negatives pass through you. Breathe slowly and deeply in 2017. Set your phone alarm to 8AM, 10AM, 12 Noon, 2PM, 4PM, and 6PM to remind you to get your breathing to 6-8 breaths per minute as opposed to the normal 15-17 breaths per minute. This simple daily exercise will help keep you mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

5. Save Money. Create a long-term plan (if not already) with a 2017 budget and stick to it. Avoid credit card debt. Have enough emergency cash to survive for six months. Contact several financial planners (even if you have one already) and listen to your options. Forecast your money into the future. If you want money then think (not obsessively) about money.

6. Build your network. Each of us has a large or small database of business and social contacts. Build these lists judiciously. Interact on a regular basis. Some people you will communicate daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Give freely. Be generous. Connect. Be consistent. Reflect your genuine, authentic best self in all communications. When we die the person with the most people at their funeral wins.

7. Put family first. Forgive quickly. Apologize swiftly. Sprinkle positive surprises throughout the year. Make all family commitments. Know each family member’s dreams and goals and help them when needed. Bolster confidence and optimism in each family member. Remember that your family wants your quality time more than anything else. Give. Give. Give. Last, but not least…Love conquers all. Enough said!

Go for your dreams and remember there is only one rule for success and it’s, “There are no rules!”

Have your greatest year ever.

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