7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Creative Mind

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Brett Berhoff brings us 7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Creative Mind

You are amazingly creative!

I strongly believe that most people have an impressive creative mind. Some are naturally more tapped into this portion of their mind than others. The ones who are on the other end of the spectrum might picture themselves as "not creative." I don't buy it!

What is most important in jumpstarting the creative mind is changing the pattern of behavior that we experience every day. The mind needs to be taken out of this routine, and allowed to be free to explore another path.

Regardless of how creative you believe you are, there are times in our life we need to Jump Start the Creative Mind. Let's take a look at some fun ways to get the creative energy flowing!

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Break out the Legos & Play Dough

Take your mind back to when you were a child. Play like a child. Children are naturally creative, and exercising this type of engagement will help guide your mind to a more creative place. If you have kids at home, this is much easier. If not, time to take a trip to the toy store!

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed

This is pretty straight forward. If you normally get out of bed on one side, it is time to switch for a couple of days. Surprise your mind, and change this routine. If someone else sleeps in bed with you, then crawl over them, because they are probably not going to give up their side!

Silence the music

If you listen to music while you work, then try a day of silence. However, if you do work in silence like I many times do, then turn on the music! Change the audio that you can control around you.

Grab a Paintbrush

One of the most popular strategies to tap into the creative mind is to explore the arts. Painting is a wonderful way to not only exercise the creative mind but it has the added benefit of stress-release. Many other forms of art projects are helpful as well.

Get off the Treadmill and on the Bicycle

If you have your set routine on one machine or type of exercise, it is time to change it up for a few days. If you are not exercising at all, you may find that adding exercise will not only help your creative mind but will jumpstart your entire mind with more clarity.

Try something you have always been curious about

What have you always wanted to try? Time to try it. Don't think too much about it. Create a list of three things you want to try and put the first one on the calendar. It doesn't matter if you feel it is insignificant or something on your bucket list. There is no better time than NOW!

Pretend to Play an Instrument

When was the last time you broke out your air guitar? Don't let it get dusty. Honestly, whether it is an air guitar, a real guitar or any other instrument, it is time to rock out!

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What strategies do you use to spark creativity? How does creativity play into your life? Please share your thoughts below.