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7 Ways to Keep Your Towels Fresher Longer

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Here are seven top tips on making sure yours are always fresh and fluffy.


Avoid fabric softeners.
As much as we love that fresh laundry smell, softeners actually coat the natural fibers of a towel and make them less soft over time.

Keep them away from skin-care products.
More specifically, keep away anything with benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids (commonly found in zit creams and exfoliators), which can cause discoloration.

Wash after every third use. You just showered. Do you really want to dry off with something moldy?

And in cold water using less detergent. Cold water keeps the colors vibrant longer. And overdoing the soap can lead to buildup on the fibers, which inhibits drying.

Shake and tumble dry, then promptly remove. Before putting them in the dryer, give your towels a shake to fluff up the fabric. Then, tumble dry them on low and pull them out as soon as they're dry to the touch.

Drape used towels over a bar. Piling them on the floor or hanging them on hooks traps moisture between the folds. Gross.

Replace them every two years. C'mon. You use them every day. (We hope.)


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