7 Ways To Kick The Plastic Habit: Tips And Tricks For Living Plastic Free (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 7 Ways To Kick The Plastic Habit

We need to break our dependence on oil, no doubt about that. One real culprit of our oil addiction is plastic. It's everywhere -- from single use packaging, to toys, to household objects. Estimates put the percent of world consumption of oil that goes toward plastic at about eight percent. That doesn't seem like much until you consider the fact that the world demand for oil is about 86 million barrels of oil a day.

Plastic also never goes away, it is merely down-cycled or degrades, and a lot of it ends up in the ocean. So if you want to start making a dent in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, read on for tips and tricks on living an (almost) plastic-free lifestyle.

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7 Ways To Quit The Plastic Habit

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