7 Ways To Know You're Drunk

7 Ways To Know You're Drunk
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1. When you stand up, it feels like you're on a boat. Okay, so this one only works if you've been sitting and sipping but it's very frequent that you have no idea just how much alcohol you've consumed until you stand up and almost immediately fall over.

2. When you look in the mirror, you don't even recognize yourself. This one is for those 3 a.m. moments where you just won't admit that you're drunk. You stumble clumsily into the bathroom and look up dizzily only to find a hotter better version of yourself sneering at you.

Is he trying to fight? Is he trying to get laid? Then as you stare at him you realize it's only your reflection and you are in fact trashed.

3. Your phone becomes a Rubik's cube. First off, it's nearly impossible to keep tabs on your phone, but when you finally find it you have a couple texts. You, being your presumably sober self, go to respond only to realize that all the letters are moving around and autocorrect isn't picking up what you're putting down AT ALL.

You fire off a couple nonsense texts but you can easily correct them. You send like three nonsense words trying to correct yourself and you used the @ sign instead of the exclamation point by accident and it's then that you realize that you're drunk.

4. Shots taste like water. What tasted like pure rubbing alcohol earlier that night is magically tasteless. This means you're wrecked and will most likely puke.

5. You start taking off clothes just because. If it seems like a good idea to flaunt your underwhelming body by taking off your shirt, you probably got an unnecessary amount of confidence from your liquid courage.

6. Rolling on the floor becomes way too fun. Rolling on the floor is innately fun. We did it as kids, but if you're a grown ass adult rolling around on some dingy carpet with your eyes closed because it feels like the world's coolest roller coaster, you most definitely had to much to drink. I guarantee you don't look as cool as you feel.

7. You puke. This is the final indicator that you're belligerently drunk. You can ignore all the other signs if you're logic is completely out the window, but once your face is aimed in the toilet, you are finally forced to admit that you've gone overboard. Also, don't let your friends snapchat any of this.

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