7 ways to make an impact in today's Chaos.

We The People have the Power! Now, Let’s Use It!

If you haven’t already figured it out, our current “leadership” wants to destroy our entire system of governing. They literally said as much recently at CPAC, with Steve Bannon stating his plans for the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

Ok, he wants us to govern ourselves….Maybe it’s time we did just that.

With each rising of the sun, “they” have taken away more of “our rights”. But have they really? Were those “rights” theirs to take?

I am not utterly naive. I realize that many of these laws were put in place to protect us from bigotry and let’s face it, often just plain old stupidity. And sadly, some bad things are happening because of this shift away from common decency, basic freedom, and inclusion of all people.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why they are so concerned with my body and where I choose to relieve it. Well, ok, I can. Its fanatical ideology hidden under the cover of “religious beliefs” and an inability to discern the difference between being Christian and just being a frightened zealot who’s spent way too much time listening to Rush and his buddies and “preachers’ who truly only care about money. Let’s be honest, I sincerely doubt Jesus would want to drink wine with any of these people, and they would probably would have him deported anyway.

The good news is most the people in this country aren’t buying it. Each day I see instances of people standing up to bigotry and even stupidity by taking certain matters into their own hands.

People not only being pulled from planes because of the color of their skin or their foreign name, but people being taken off of planes because of their outright racism, schools saying, no we won’t allow abuse to happen on our watch, major retailers changing policies to be more eco-conscious and removing products that don’t fit their customers values (of decency and inclusion) Cities and States standing up and saying NO NO NO!

“They” believe they are experiencing the second coming and those of us who are rational, decent, just want to live our lives without thinking about who’s in what bathroom type of people need to stop trying to change their minds and start governing ourselves.

We are being asked to wake up and stand up for what most American’s believe in. Common decency, respect, human rights and equality.

I am truly heartened by these stories of people doing just that, and I’m empowered. We The People do have power. Now it’s time to use it.

There are simple things we can do each day to counter the truly despicable things some people, who are so afraid of different and of change are perpetuating that will not only make you feel better, but might just give humanity the push it needs to finally move away from all that fear.

The good news about this is that we everyday humans are being required to THINK for ourselves again! We’re no longer lulled into a fantasy that we can simply take for granted the notion that people care about the basic ideas of decency, respect for each other and the planet and equality. We’re being forced to act upon our values of love and respect for each other and our planet, not because it’s law, but because it’s right. And we have been given our power back, to show those who aren’t quite ready to let go of their hate and hurt, that, ultimately, it’s the right path to take.

Here’s some tips to creating an impact every day.

1. Actions speak louder than words. Stop engaging them with arguments, trolling, social rants and generally causing yourself unnecessary stress. You’re not going to change them. These fears and ideas have been embedded over years and years and that one, albeit, well written Facebook rant isn’t going to make an impact. Take some time to reflect on your own confirmation bias, ask yourself if you’re living your values in every way that you can. Focus on what you can be doing and what changes you can make in your own life to fully live what you preach instead of expecting them to change.

Here are some examples from my own life.

· I smile at people, a lot. On the street, in the grocery store, where ever I am I try an exude love and respect. I greet people I am dealing with when I shop. I try and connect authentically and with kindness. A smile goes a long way.

· I let them pass, let them in and have let go of my need to be first, in line, to the light, you name it. I’ve begun to ask myself more and more “In the light of all eternity how important is this to me right now” and usually it isn’t and when it is, I take a stand with respect.

2. Be Informed! If you really must share that post or write that rant, have your facts straight and re-read before you hit that send/post/share button. Try and remove the sensationalism and rhetoric. You’ll be surprised if you take the time to re-read your posts how much emotionally charged content there is in it. We’re all guilty of it and sometimes it’s subtle. There is nothing wrong with passion and emotion, and if you truly want to be heard, taking a moment to check your language will help in actually having an impact. Diversify where you get your information and always triple check your sources. Facts must prevail!

3. Money=Power. If shops and businesses discriminate, we have the power to choose not to spend our money there. So, let them discriminate. Let them put those signs on their windows, finally they get to wear the Scarlett letter! It’s easier for us to know who we should avoid supporting and a boycott works. Politely let them know why you’ve chosen not to visit their business on their social, with a letter or in person. BUT BE POLITE!!!!!

4. Divest! This goes along with your pocket money. And it’s harder than simply not choosing to shop somewhere. Pull your money out of banks that support fossil fuels and any type of business that hurts the planet or supports an industry or organization that doesn’t support your values. If you are an investor or have a 401K or pension, become vocal in how your funds are invested. Ultimately, (and this is being proven to be true right now with #NODAPL) These companies listen to their shareholders and if you’re a shareholder SPEAK UP! (Again be polite!), and be willing to put your money where your values are.

5. Get involved! Now’s the time to support a group that supports your values. Even if you don’t have the cash to donate, volunteer, promote! Instead of those endless rants, use your social to spread the word about your favorite non-profit or organization. Spend more time focusing on the things you value and how you can have an impact than wasting your energy in outrage. It’s ok to be outraged, just channel it into positive change and action.

6. VOTE!!! This is vital! Local and State elections are important and as you can see by what’s happening now, eventually shape the National Politics. I think we’ve all learned that we can’t sit out any election, no matter how small it might seem.

7. Spend less time on Social Media and in general focusing on what’s bad and wrong. That doesn’t mean check out and bury your head in the sand. Create time each day to sit in gratitude and quiet reflection. Breathe and do something you love. Creating a peaceful and relaxed you will reverberate into your world. Your family will feel less stress and anxiety; you will feel better and you’ll have more energy to do #’s 1-6!

This renewed attack on humanity didn’t happen over-night. It’s been brewing for a very long time and it’s going to take perseverance, patience and a conscious awareness of why it’s rearing its ugly head right now to make a meaningful shift. I’ve come to realize that the more I vilify “Them” the more emboldened “they” become. If I’m about inclusion, then I need to find a way to include them, welcome them, create the space for them to let go of some of that fear. The best way is to be love, kindness, respect and a voice of reason in the mayhem.

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