7 Ways You Should Be Using Your Lint Roller (But Aren't)

7 Ways You Should Be Using Your Lint Roller (But Aren't)

If you’re only using your lint roller on your clothes, you are seriously missing out.

Consider the lint roller a household staple. You can use the sticky sheets of wonder to clean just about anything around your home ― from curtains to carpets to broken glass.

Check out these ways to use a lint roller to its full potential. Soon, you won’t be able to live without one.

1) Pick up broken glass: Avoid cuts and missed chards by going over the entire area with your lint roller. It will safely pick up all of the pieces and you can drop it right into the trash after.

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2) Clean up the inside of a purse or bag: Why does it seem like the bottom of your purse is always filled with lint, hair, and crumbs? By using a lint roller and rolling it around the inside of any bag, the sticky sheets will pick up all the tiny particles that mysteriously moved in.

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3) Remove crumbs from your kitchen floor: You could pull out the dust buster, or you could turn to your lint roller to pick up crumbs and grains like dropped couscous or rice.

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4) Get rid of glitter: How is it that glitter literally NEVER goes away?! Days after a party or crafting, we still find little shimmering dots in our hair and on our face. Luckily, your lint roller easily picks up the little pieces in a matter of seconds.

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5) Refresh your pillows: Dust and hair inevitably find their way to your pillows, or sometimes stick to the case depending on the material of your sheets. A simple swipe will fix everything.

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6) Dust any furniture in your living room, from drapes to lamp shades: No duster? No problem. Just swipe your lint roller over your drapes or lamp shades to remove any unwanted fibers, dust and lint.

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7) Clean your car: Grab your lint roller and run it over the seats, the floor, and anywhere else in your car that has accumulated dirt, hair, and other small particles. It’ll be feeling new again in no time!

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