Amazing 7-Year-Old Rapper 'P-Nut' Spits Rhymes On Local News (VIDEO)

There's a pint sized rapper taking the Memphis hip-hop scene by storm, and his name is P-Nut.

The adorable seven-year-old who dreams of being a rap star already has an album under his belt and has been spitting rhymes since he was four. P-Nut went on FOX 13 News in Memphis to showcase some of the cutest raps we've ever heard, including the adorably jaded, "Superman's no hero/They never found Nemo/Can't play with Tonka trucks 'cause all the Tonka trucks got repo'd."

Judging by that line alone we're pretty sure P-Nut deserves to be signed. We can definitely see guest spots on "Yo Gabba Gabba" in his future. Did we mention he was seven? (Via The Daily What)