7-Year-Old Writes Book To Show Black Girls They Are Princesses

"Every little girl should believe she's a princess."

Morgan Taylor wants to make sure every little black and brown girl feels like royalty.

Which is why she wrote a book titled, Daddy's Little Princess, about real-life princesses of every shade and color when she was only 6 years old. She had a conversation with her dad about why only white women could be princesses. He told her anyone could be a princess and Taylor had to let the world know. She then decided to write a book that would educate readers on princesses of color while helping to elevate their self-esteem, too.

"Every little girl should believe she's a princess," the now seven-year-old told WFMY2.

Taylor wants little black girls to see themselves in royalty.
Taylor wants little black girls to see themselves in royalty.

Co-written by her dad, G. Todd Taylor, the elementary school-level book introduces readers to real princesses and queens of color from around the world. A few names include Princess Elizabeth of Toro, Princess Angela of Liechtenstein and others.

Morgan said she wants to encourage other little girls to embrace their regality with her motto, "Rock Your Crown." 

We see you, young queen!

You can buy Daddy's Little Princess at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and on Taylor Made Publishing's website

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