70: The Decade for Giving Back

70: The Decade for Giving Back
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I am facing down one of those consequential Decade Birthdays... The Big 70! I like to think I'm entering, shall we say, "Extended Middle-Age."

As I contemplated the unchartered territory of the years ahead, I consciously made a "deal" with the Universe where I committed to aging happily, joyfully, and spreading light to all those around me by living in the present, looking to the future, and never taking one moment for granted!!

So whenever I approach a birthday that includes a zero, I'll be honest with you, I set my intentions for the years ahead... I think, what do I want to accomplish? How will I direct and use my energies? Where will I spend my time and where will I focus my efforts...

So on this quickly approaching birthday, I'm calling my trajectory "Now or Never Time"! A time when I still have my crazy energy, but none to waste! A time when I still have my drive, but this time, with a deliciously heightened sense of purpose.

While I reflect on my 50s as a Decade of Loss (my Life partner passed on from cancer, and I even felt I'd lost myself) and my 60s as a Decade of Building (actually, rebuilding: my life, my career, and myself), and look toward my 70s are shaping up to be my "Decade for Giving Back," which I hope will shape the face of my legacy to be both aspirational, as well as inspirational...

Ready for the best part? I genuinely want to "give back" for my most favorite and truly genuine reason... gratitude!

Gratitude: For the luxury of hindsight, for how many bullets I've dodged, for having the talent and courage to fulfill so many dreams, for my robust energy, and lastly, for the profound importance of accessible, sustainable health!

My appreciation for all those things, particularly the latter, were deeply realized when, a few months ago, I underwent major surgery for a female condition from which I had been silently suffering for years. I was terrified, as I went into that surgery an "only child, NYC, Leo Fashionista" and came out of anesthesia feeling "fixed," happy to be alive, and astounded to have my quality of life back. With that, my entire nature felt shifted.

I suddenly found how and what I wanted to give back, and how to focus that with no expectations of return apart from making women well and happy, to give women not only a wealth of information to live by, but to give those less fortunate and without my resources the opportunity to live a life of comfort and dignity!

So now, as I do my life review of the passing years, and on the eve of my "Now or Never" Decade, as I reach for greatness in my deepest of selves, I will make my mantra "the more you give... the more you get back."

Stay tuned for upcoming projects...

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