This Couple Took 1970s-Themed Engagement Pics And Totally Nailed It

Can you dig it?
08/30/2018 04:51pm ET

One couple couldn’t bear the thought of posing for the typical mushy-gushy, gaze-into-each-other’s-eyes engagement photos, so they decided to go outside the box.

Like far out.

The engagement shoot had plenty of retro flair. 

Erin Wotherspoon and Steve Markle settled on 1970s-themed photos, which photographer Robyn Russell shot around their home in Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood in January.

“The idea was all Steve. He’s obsessed with the 70s,” Wotherspoon told HuffPost. “But, like, really, who isn’t?”

"They are such a fun and quirky couple, when they brought the idea to me, I ran with it!" photographer Robyn Russell said. 

And they really went for it. Fortunately, their home already had lots of 70s-inspired decor, like retro wallpaper and a neon sign. As for the authentic costumes ― from his ruffly shirt to her oversized glasses ― the couple borrowed them from a TV and film wardrobe rental house.

Yep, they nailed it. 

Wotherspoon said “she doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body,” so these quirky engagement pics were much more her speed.

“The idea of doing a sappy, traditional engagement photo shoot with Stephen’s arms wrapped around my waist while I look lovingly into his eyes is terrifying. And just not ‘me.’” she said.

“Steve is definitely the romantic one, but he’s a filmmaker and a visual artist, so thankfully he came up with an idea that was unique and fun.”

Such a sweet couple. 🍭
Wotherspoon and Markle in more modern attire.

The couple tied the knot in June, but had to move the ceremony at the last minute to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto because Wotherspoon’s dad was too sick to attend the wedding.

“I frantically got on the phone with our fantastic wedding planner, Tracey McAteer, and despite the crazy time crunch and emotions, we made it happen!” she said. “My dad got to be the witness on our marriage license. He sadly passed away less than a month later, but he was able to see me get married and actually partake in the ceremony.”

Check out more retro photos from the couple’s blast-from-the-past engagement shoot below:

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