1970s Hair Icons That Will Make You Nostalgic

1970s Hair Icons That Will Make You Nostalgic

Beyond the bell-bottoms and platform shoes in films and books, the 1970s was truly a transformative decade. Subcultures that spawned a generation of hipsters, rockers and radicals brought forth an eclectic mix of styles that we believe are best told through hair.

From Farrah Fawcett's feathered cut to Debbie Harry's bleach-blonde bob to Pam Grier's Afro, these '70s hairdos echo the attitudes fueled by outspoken youth. To truly understand this great shift in society and politics, we've compiled a list of 16 hair icons whose strands tell a beautiful story.

Farrah Fawcett

farrah fawcett

The late "Charlie Angels" actress' flipped hairstyle remains one of the most sought-after looks, but somehow, many seem to fall flat of capturing Fawcett's big, bouncy mane.

Pam Grier

pam grier

Grier's badass Afro commanded just as much attention and respect as the strong characters she played in blaxploitation films like "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy."

Debbie Harry

debbie harry

What impressionable young girl didn't reach for that bottle of peroxide to channel the Blondie lead singer's punk rock hairdo?

Bo Derek

bo derek

Women of color had been sporting cornrows adorned with beads long before Derek wore the hairstyle in 1979's "10." However, this big screen moment in hair inspired many to experiment with braids.

Donna Summer

donna summer

When you're known as the "Queen of Disco," it only makes sense that your hair is just as big as your voice.

Jerry Hall

jerry hall

Hall's cred as a model and actress is pretty impressive, but her luscious locks are her crowning glory.

Joan Jett

joan jett

Nothing screams "I don't care" like a shaggy haircut. No wonder "Unapologetic" pop star Rihanna took her turn at emulating Jett's rock 'n roll mullet.

Ali MacGraw

ali mcgraw

MacGraw's healthy, brunette hair is the very definition of boho chic.

Diana Ross

diana ross

Once Ms. Ross packed up the bouffant hairstyles from her Supremes days, the legendary singer stood out with glamorous curls like these.

Jane Birkin

jane birkin

When we think of iconic French beauty, Birkin's bangs and tousled locks instantly come to our minds.

Olivia Newton-John

olivia newton john

Newton-John's girly half-up, half-down hairstyle (complete with brow-skimming bangs) couldn't be more fitting for her bubbly persona.

Peggy Lipton

peggy lipton

"The Mod Squad" star proved that it was totally OK to keep things simple with her sleek and straight hair.

Bianca Jagger

bianca jagger

With statuesque features like Jagger, the Nicaraguan-born beauty's full curls framed her face perfectly.

Meryl Streep

meryl streep

Streep's thick, side-swept hair is what our virginal hair dreams are made of.

Joni Mitchell

joni mitchell

The Canadian singer-songwriter
's long, choppy layers flowed just as effortlessly as her folk melodies.

Jodie Foster

jodie foster

Since her time as a child actor, Foster has given hope to stringy-haired girls everywhere.

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