72 People Charged After Widespread Looting Spree In Philadelphia

Scores of people robbed multiple stores last week, with many participants and observers posting videos of it online.

Seventy-two people have been charged nearly a week after mobs of people went on a looting spree across Philadelphia, the district attorney’s office announced Monday.

Scores of people robbed multiple stores on Tuesday and Wednesday nights of last week, with many participants and observers posting about it online.

Sixty-seven adults and five minors are now facing various misdemeanor and felony charges including burglary, conspiracy and criminal mischief in connection with the looting, Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Clint Orem said at a press conference on Monday. There is also at least one weapon charge.

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed to HuffPost that at least 62 people have been arrested in connection with the looting.

The looting took place after a peaceful protest on Tuesday prompted by a judge’s decision to drop charges against a Philadelphia police officer who killed Eddie Irizarry, though authorities say the looting was not connected to the protest.

The DA’s office, the Philadelphia Police Department and the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office are investigating the case.

More arrests are expected as the investigation into the looting spree continues, Orem said.

“We have been very actively pursuing contact with some of the affected businesses, their owners, and their employees,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said at the press conference. “We are very interested in bringing justice to people who view it as their task to encourage others to join them in breaking the law.”

At least 18 liquor stores were robbed and closed in the area due to the looting. Many other stores were also targeted, including Foot Locker, Lululemon and Apple. Pharmacies, a hair salon and a phone store were also looted.

“The bad apples who decided to ‘so called’ protest with the act of looting were, in fact, stealing,” Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal said at the press conference. “Folk were stealing while peaceful protesters were walking with the families. The thieves weren’t walking with the family in support. Rather, they were too busy stealing.”

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

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