7,289 Miles

Watching couples every season doing something special has made me cringe on the inside every time. Knowing that we cannot do many of those things now. However knowing that I will be able to do everything, just the thought of it that once I am settled with her, keeps me going.

Not being fortunate enough as others to see the other half of mine as often yet every time I get to see her, everyday is an anniversary for me with her. It doesn't matter if all I did was stare at her; I am lost in her. I've been in relationships before but this time, it's different. From someone who used to smoke, drink, going clubbing, and all that, the tables have turned. I'm following a track of a better person.

Yet the process is not as simple as it seems to be. Communication, appreciation, trust, and gratefulness fall align with what is to overcome. Coming home to listening to how her day was, thanking her for staying up for me when I had an exam since she was worried, and avoiding myself from doing something particularly absurd that will lose her trust is the only thing that remains in my mind. Not because I am forced to, cause I love to and the last thing on my mind is to only lose her. I dream of the day where I would come home and say, "Honey, I'm home". A lot of excitements await me from Netflix and chill, laundry, help put her heels on, putting a bandage on her, to picking her up for late-lunches and dinners. Having the feeling as if I'm asking her out everyday and picking her up for the first time.

Moreover the choice to remain pure until we move in was ours. I realized, if we did things what normal couples do as soon as they start dating, it would not seem as special as anymore as it would after finally accomplishing long-distance. One wants to work hard, be successful so it can make their partner proud; mutual feelings as me. You would want to put your partner in the position where they'll have everything they want. Not objects but every part of you; from your body-scent to finishing your own sentences. I not only do it for now but I do it for the future. It seems brighter when your partner is standing behind the tunnel. From someone who has trouble expressing emotions, just saying thank you whenever you can, sharing your emotions as much as you can, and learning to responsibility for what you have done will make it work.

All the other fellows out there let me be on your side when I say it is not easy. But let the partner be on the other side so whatever step you take, it's towards them. Patience is the key; the right steps will make it perfect. When you reach there, you both will be standing side to side.

Giving up is an easy way out. Trust me, its worth the pain and wait.